How to convert APX from Newdex to APX Power on Appics (send APX to steemenginex memo "STEEMAPX steemaddress") and send steem APX to eos-peg "EOSAPX eosaccount" to go from STEEM APX to EOS APX

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Now we will see this 1 APX show up in in my @ackza steem account which you can see here:

So you can see it on my wallet here:

if you have EOS APX bought off Newdex and you need STEEM APX send it to the EOS account steemenginex and use memo STEEMAPX steemaccount so I would use memo STEEMAPX ackza to get APX to my my zackzackzack account

To reverse this and get APX on EOS send it to @eos-peg with memo EOSAPX eosaccount so I would send from here to @eos-peg and writ in memo field EOSAPX zackzackzack to send to my zackzackzack account
(Use the History page to get a simple SEND button on )

And then I will get EOS APX which can be checked here:
Hah Im still in the top 500 richlist even with 9 tokens on EOS APX :D

On STEEM APX I am # 519 on the richlist lol interesting but I have 1600+ staked However, there are 6 pages 100 per page, list of people with tens of thousands of APX staked. Im wondering if they all bought that or were given it out? Maybe a lot did buy as there has been amazing volume... im wondering if we are about to see APX have a larger marketcap than steem. It shows how one simple mobile app can do this.

And here you can see the EOS APX already showed up now that was fast! Seconds! It seems its faster going TO EOS, lol sadly its the steem side thats slow but that will change I believe, and then both sides of the gateway will be potentially so fast you wont even notice it and we could have a wallet with both tokens and an internal swap. a @privex scatter dapp for steemp eos and telos would be cool.

Also we have some Newdex events which you can participate in for Valentines Day and Voice on EOSIO

Anyway thats how you can convert APX to EOS or Steem.

OH and heres how you power that APX up when you have it from Newdex and have sent it to your steem-engine wallet (Which is just a steem wallet)

Power Up with the Lock Icon Here

:I will ask @eonwarped @holger50 @aggroed what is the actual memo or custom json to use to stake a token manully without needing likle how to stake from vessel ;)

But for now just click that button.... if you check or steemd you can see what happened:

heres my APX stake as its code appears in the blockchain


Look at that ACTION.... almost like an EOSIO smart contract action.... its almost like we are so close to putting the STEEMP side chain smart contract INSIDE STEEMP steemoneos steemoneosio I think @eonwarped and @holger80 @holger50 @cryptomancer @harpagon could really do this if I paid him all the EOS he needs for RAM and CPU. Ill even get a Telos Worker proposal going to help you write the steem Smart contract code into eosio so we can have it running as an immortal dapp, then SCOt needs its actions in smart contract form for immortal eternal dapps on liquidapps and Dstor Telos. It will be beautiful.