Black Lives Matter : Why I can bet you that Alex jones / Infowars / MSM will not tell you who is SUSAN ROSENBERG ?

in blm •  last month 

So it's true, BLM is Israeli counter measure...

bring it on, what do you wait to raze israel?



go flow, start the combat operations with what is in the area now, and scale, to raze it as planned (keep the settlers alive).

action !

that's it? that's america? that's what america has become?

every time it's them.

they are the reason of the fall.

and the first to have censored me.

wage war !

and support this idiot : http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/black-lives-matter-official-organization-is-run-by-convicted-jewish-communist-terrorist-susan-rosenberg/

he is better than the cia and fbi, combined, in exile...

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