Capitalism explained

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During the 2007-2009 financial crisis I was part of a group of people that were polled, the question that was asked was: 'should bailouts exist'? Proably about 98% of the group felt that bailouts were a good idea. When I was asked what should happen to the failing industries, I said we should watch them crash and burn


But what was done was that the strong were held back and the weak were allowed to regain control. The capitaistic free market is designed for such an event.

Pretend that we both own companies that make paper clips. In this example your company sells 1 million paperclips a month and employs 1,000 people. Your biggest competer (my company) only sells 250,000 per month and my company employs 150 people.

The argument is that if your company was allowed to fail, then there would be a shortage of paperclips and a new 1,000 people would be unemployed. (so they prop our company up with money) In realiety what would have happened if your company failed is that my company would experience a greater demand for paper clips, so I would ask the machine maker to build me bigger machines, I would ask the building maker to build me a bigger factory, I might need to expand my parking lot, and I would be required to hire more people, and my company would automaticly replace your sorry company with a better company(thats capitalism at work!)

But capitialism was not allowed to work, your sickly company was given a pair of cruches and as a result no new innovation was required to be made. What was done was that the natural process of survival of the fitest was denied. This unnatural process has a name...the name is communism/socialism...and it might seem like the most fair thing to do but what is realy being done is that growth is not being encouraged!

(please review the following article)

What we are being told is that the tourism industry is operating off of business models that are outdated and can not survive unless nearly everybody has enough money to travel. If we do not reward the travel industry for maintaining there outdated business models, then new businesses will automatically create new companies (because thats what entrepreneurs do)

At the end of the day communism/socialism only trains people to be lazy if they want to be rewarded.


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