How to stop men killing their wives and children

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But wives can continue to kill their husbands and children?

And that's not just a rhetorical question about equality. Unlike Jenna Price I have actually had a look at the domestic murder statistics from 2017:

Women killed their partner at a comparable rate but women killed their children 20 **(twenty)** times as often as men.

And in the LGBT arena: gay men killed no one but lesbian killed their partner at higher rate then heterosexual women.

All in all in the domestic setting women killed twice as often as men.



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When a man does it, its murder.

When a woman does it, its abortion or infanticide or protecting herself from the big scary man.

Just one big problem. It is easier to get off a murder charge (if you clam up and don't tell the police anything) than it is to get off a domestic abuse charge.

And, they both have the same life destroying potential.
AND, if you wind up in jail, murder is acceptable, woman abuse is not.

Women should consider the corner they are forcing men into

Only mently person can do this who doesn't have any ethical values

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