The Rarest of Rare Things: A Rape Conviction - The Atlantic

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Barbara Bradley Hagerty from the The Atlantic want's more men to be convicted. No matter what.

  • Can't prove guilt? Doesn't matter, convict him!
  • Statute of limitations? Doesn't matter, convict him!
  • Didn't report to the police? Doesn't matter, convict him!
  • Not actually a crime? Doesn't matter, convict him!

A women accused him of something in the back of her mind. Just convict him already.

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and from what i have seen wymminz seem to be getting it.

But, when rule of law is broken down, then wymminz will find out the horror they have wrot.

It is easier to get off a murder rap than a rape charge.
If you get convicted, you will be better off in prison. (murder is acceptable, rape is not)
If you get convicted, you will probably spend less time in the slammer
just sayin