Home ALone; Day 1 - Almonds for Breakfast

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Home Alone is a series of post featuring me, @exavil. I am home alone currently because my family has gone to visit my grandparents so I am home alone. For more information see the post, Home Alone .

My Day Experience

Ah, my first day without my family. The first day has been pretty rough and I didn't have a good meal. I was entirely at my online classes because I was tired and I was sleeping but fortunately I woke up to take my online classes. Though I missed some of them, but I also joined some and enjoyed the classes. Well after having my classes it was necessary for me to take up breakfast but I didn't know what to cook for I didn't simply gave any experience in cooking. That was the time when I missed my mum because no one could serve me up better breakfast than her. So, I ate some almonds for breakfast.
Image by Ganesh balasubramanyam from Pixabay
I didn't even have a nice lunch.So, the meals of the day were not good but I sure enjoyed using computer and watching cartoons. I think it was it was my first day and I need to to change my routine. The rest of the day was awesome. I finally had a nice dinner at night.