30 day blog challenge - Day 3 - Favorite Quote

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Don't compare yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself from yesterday

Oh oh the daily posting already broken after 2 days

So there we go again. After I have already moved on for a day on the third day and just had a day yesterday in which I did nothing. Well nothing… I have walked the dogs, and a lot of stupidly staring at my screen, and are fed up that it was such a gloomy dark gray rainy weather. Unfortunately, that is not something I can change. I'm going to have to accept that it's just this time of the year ... and I won't get out of that unless I move to another country. Well, since that is not there yet, I will have to accept it. And trying my best not to let myself be influenced too much by the things that I cannot change.

This above actually brings me straight to one of my favorite quotes.


Very simple, right?

I think this is a quote that can apply to many things in life. Quite simply, I cannot change the weather, so I will have to accept that. But I cannot accept that I am always so affected by that. So I have to change that. Yes it sounds very simple. And in fact it is.

But then back to what this blog was about. Favorite quote. I don't have one that is 100% favorite… I have more that I think are very strong. Another favorite quote is;


Live from within yourself

What that taught me is that in fact you have to learn to let go of pretty much everything except yourself. Because that is the only thing you can control yourself. How you think about life, how you react to things, how you do things, and how you experience things. Live purely from within yourself, and deal with it in the best possible way. Simple, right?

Well, those were two of the quotes that first came to mind when I started writing this blog. But that doesn't mean I don't have more favorite quotes.

I don't even know whether the two above can really be called quotes, because I have no idea who these wise words come from. But for me it are two quotes / wisdoms that have taught me a lot.

But I also love the following;

Photography allows you to learn to look and see. You begin to see things you'd never payed attention to ~ Saul Leiter

Photographer Eyes

And for me this has certainly been true. Since I started photographing I look much differently at the environment where I am, at the people, at the animals and at the things in my environment. And although it still happens to me after all these years that I leave my camera at home, I still look around with 'photographer eyes'. And with that I have arrived at the last favorite quote that I will include in this blog ...

Because even though I don't always take my Nikon with me, I usually have my smartphone with me anyway. And now let that thing have a camera too. Although I really believe that I can take much better photos with my Nikon… I also use the smartphone camera often enough. Because it really is;

The best camera is the one you have with you at that moment!

That one moment in time

Chase Jarvis once spoke these wise words. And it is just a truth. If you see something that you think is worth photographing, you should do it with the camera you have at the time. It doesn't matter what kind of camera it is, as long as it is a camera. It is that moment, that one small moment that you get inspiration and see something… you have to take that one moment when it is there. That one moment will never come back.

As it is actually the case with everything in life. Living consciously in the present, not worrying about tomorrow… because if you worry all day about tomorrow today you have lost a day where you could have enjoyed yourself.

Today is a fact, tomorrow is an uncertainty.

Hmmm enough deep thoughts for now. This are just a few favorites from me. I'd love to hear your favorite quotes…

Thanks for stopping by, and I would love if you would leave a comment. Have a good day and see you soon in my next blog!


this is the gospel truth, a lot of sayings that seem rather easy or simple are profound
"let go that which does not serve you"
"it is what it is"
"accept the things you can not change"<<<<<<very hard one, at least for me
Beautiful post

Thank you @battleaxe. Yes "accept the things you cannot change" is not easy. Not for you, not for me, not for most people actually I think. But when I was in a very dark period of my life about 1,5 year back ... I started to learn that. And it helped me a lot. It gave me peace of mind and with that I could go on and life got better again.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 24 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

I feel ya, this is the best lesson that I've learned to make things easier on myself:


My boyfriend saw me fuming over things that I could not change, not even a bit. And he kept telling me if you can't change it, why are you letting it ruin your day (or week or worse). Let it go. (insert Frozen song here)..
I've learned to process that much quicker thanks to him saying that 1000s times, funny thing is, now I have to remind him about the same quote :) lol

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Some of those quotes are really beautiful and oh so true. And to learn this one was really helping me with a lot of things I struggled with before.

Glad it helped you too!

Love that quote on accepting what you can't change and change what you can't accept. Wise words to live by. The problem I have is deciding how to change the situation. Sometimes I get so lost in this decision that I end up deciding to accept it and move on to something else.

There have been numerous times I've taken a photo with my mobile phone. I'll go back and look at it months later and discover something new in the background I didn't see at first. That's what photos do for you. You get a second chance to see your surroundings in a different context than what you first glimpsed.

By the way, that's a beautiful photo of a rose. Is it one of yours?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts today.

Thank you for your reply. Yes it's one of my photos photos, I never use photos from someone else in my blogs. Thank you for the compliment, much appreciated.

Thanks for letting me know. There was no mention of the source of the photo in your post, so I didn't know.

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