30 days blog challenge - Day 2 - 20 Facts about me

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Facts are stubborn things

The second day of the 30 day blog challenge is a bit more challenging to write. Because 20 facts about me ... Lol. That is a challenge in itself. And since I have already shared a lot about myself as a blogger, that challenge has only become bigger. After all, I don't like to hear that you guys fell asleep reading the 20 facts I'm about to tell about myself.

Anyway, here are 20 facts about me that may not be known to you. Besides that I'm an extreme doglover ...

1.) I eat vegetarian, but vegan is just a step too far for me because I really don't want to give up eggs and cheese in my food.

2.) In winter I must and will have nice high boots with a heel. I don't really care much about fashion and clothing. I am easily satisfied because I often wear sweatpants in daily life. Which is of course the most practical with three dogs in the house. In terms of fashionable shoes, I hardly ever wear fashionable shoes through those same three dogs, just flat comfortable shoes that are easy to bob through the woods with the dogs. But I MUST and will have those beautiful high heeled boots in the winter time.

3.) My favorite color in terms of clothing is black, only by buying a white dog that shed a lot I currently have far too little black in my wardrobe.

4.) After five years without a car, I now have a small Suzuki Alto that I am very happy with, but before I had to live without a car for five years, a Suzuki Alto was really inferior in my eyes. Most of all, my cars had to be BIG.

5.) I am a huge fan of the “Live and let live” principle. I can't stand it when other people interfere with my life.

6.) I am a dreamer with a vivid imagination and too much fantasy.

7.) I have a hard time resisting GADGETS.

8.) I have a sister, but would have liked to have brothers.

9.) I DON'T have Netflix simply because I don't care. I'm just not a TV fan.

10.) You can wake me up for: if there is something wrong with the dogs or other emergencies, or a good ... uhm yes, that! In terms of food, there is nothing to wake me up for. I already have enough trouble sleeping well, so when I sleep please let me sleep.

11.) I am a photographer, but I have very bad eyes myself, and I also hate being a model for the camera.

12.) I first write every blog in Dutch in my word processor. And only as soon as I start writing the blog in Peakd I will write the blog in English.

13.) When I started blogging on Steemit I was not very confident that I could get by with blogging in the English language. I really thought that my knowledge of the English language would be insufficient.

14.) I actually never wear makeup because I just don't feel like making the time for it. I prefer to spend that time on things that I find useful such as cuddling, walking and playing with the dogs.

15.) I hate household chores, but unfortunately don't have a housekeeper.

16.) I have such a sensitive soul that I can really cry at a sad movie (especially when animals play the lead role).

17.) I prefer to drink tea or water and in the winter months hot chocolate, 99.9% without the whipped cream, but every now and then I spoil myself with hot chocolate WITH whipped cream.

18.) I have a slight intolerance to dairy products but still cannot resist the cheese

19.) I love chocolate

20.) I thought this was possibly the hardest blog to write of all blogs I've written since I started blogging!

And yet if you're sit down to write those facts, there might be 50 more things to come up with. Luckily for you, I'm not going to do that. I am curious about what you found most surprising now. What did you notice most and what did you expect. Feel free to let me know in the comments.


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 24 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

So interesting that first, you write every blog in Dutch in your word processor, and then start writing the blog in PeakD in English.

YES ... but I think it's not that weird, after all Dutch is my first language. I get much more in the 'flow to write' when I ramble away in Dutch. And than structure and translate to English when I'm going to post it. Although, when I walk the dogs I notice myself thinking about what to write in English ... LOL

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