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Deep question

Although I absolutely feel like a spiritual person, I had to think about this question for at least a day before I could answer it. I had the feeling that this would need a long think, while today I woke up realizing that I could talk quite a bit about the topic. Sometimes the answers are laying right in front of you, while you just don't see them anymore as they've become normal to you. Now I've realized this, I can share some thoughts about the topic.


I believe we are all spiritual beings

We are energy and we can connect with each other by the power of our minds and letting energy flow through our bodies, I do not only believe this, but I have also experienced it numerous of times with my boyfriend. We are so deeply connected that sometimes it's a bit scary (in a funny way!) because it's actually only a confirmation for the both of us that we are exactly where we need to be: together, no matter where that may be now or in the future, together we will overcome hardships as we've done so every time. Let's have a look at a few examples where I've been reminded that we are all spiritual human beings and capable of so much more than we are taught initially. You just have to be open to it.


Brainwave shopping :)

Situations that we've experienced as partners can be quite simple: one of us goes to the supermarket and the other forgets to ask for an item, rather than sending a text, the one at home strongly thinks about it sending the message using our brainwaves instead of modern technology. If there's no noise (which isn't always the case) and we are both in a good place mentally, the message is received. The one in the supermarket doesn't even realize this took place until arriving home because the only thing happening in the supermarket is that the one there gets the idea to bring item X (out of the blue for absolutely no specific reason other than receiving this message). You might say ( as I also did the first dozen times haha) this is just a coincidence, I'd say give it a try if you have a person in your life that you have a huge connection with. Just try, practice makes perfect!

Dialing your best friends number at the exact same time

This is something that happened when I was a teenager and honestly not really open for spiritual stuff yet, at the time I have to admit that I was usually more scared of it rather than interested. I had believes that these things were often scary instead of positive. As an adult, I can now see that these things happening at the time were just a strong confirmation that these things didn't have to be negative at all.


My best friend and I used to call each other after school or during the weekends before the time that everyone had mobile phones so these were still landlines. It must have driven our parents mad at some point because we either spent time together or we were calling each other to talk for hours sometimes. I think most of us have experienced a situation (or more of them) where you were just thinking about someone and then the phone rings. The person you just thought about, called you right at that exact moment. I think many can relate to that one. This is a confirmation of a strong connection if you ask me.

The connection we had was a bit deeper as I can see now. Often we were calling the other (and with often, I mean that it happened countless times!), and then we didn't hear the phone ring. Waiting for some seconds, and then saying "hello, hello" being surprised that the other was on the phone without the phone even ringing once. What happened? We had dialed each other's number at EXACTLY the same time because when this happened both of us claimed to have dialed the number and be 100% sure that I (or she) was the one calling not the other way around.

Again, you think it's a coincidence? I don't :)

Messages from loved ones while dreaming

I'm not revealing the other person in this story as it's a personal one but I want to share this as well. I regularly get visitors in my dreams that I love deeply, living people that is. They come to me and want to tell me something, I instantly know this is different than a "normal" dream and feel as if I'm really there with those people when it happens. I don't want to go into details, but the timing and other signs after waking up confirm to me that these were messages and not just dreams without a meaning. It's hard sometimes having them though as these come from people who I can't help. I can only try to send them positive vibes by thinking about them which is making it hard from time to time for me to cope with. I do cherish the strong connection that we have every single time this happens in a dream. It's another confirmation that we are deeply connected.

Feeling the urge to call someone

I'm a person that has friends who I don't see for years, but once we talk or meet again, it's like we picked up where we left and all is well. No hard feelings, nothing like that. Somethings I suddenly have the urge to contact someone NOW and can't get them out of my head, not understanding why. In the past, I didn't actually realize that this was probably a sign that something's up, but now I'm well aware when this happens that there's a valid reason for these feelings. It has happened several times in my life that this person wasn't feeling well (ill or need help) and needed someone to talk to or didn't want to ask help for something.


Songs that don't leave your head

Now you can think (I used to do so as well) that you heard a song on the radio or in a shop where you just went, playing that song and since then you have it in your head, it won't leave. It's like the song (or usually actually only a part of it) is on constant repeat inside your head. Often I'm singing along and speaking the words out loud as well. I don't mean these occasions when I talk about songs that won't leave your head though. When I'm at home working, I often forget (really!) to play music all day, even though I know it will make me happy, I always start the day in stillness so that I can focus. I'm very hypersensitive to noises and am always very happy when I have the kingdom to myself when I need to work. So at the end of the day, usually, I haven't even had the tv or radio on, and never opened a youtube video either.

So the example I'm going to share is nothing like a song you've just heard as it's not applicable to me most of the time. I'm talking about when you hear this one sentence
in your head that keeps repeating. At first, I ALWAYS think that I have a particular song in my head as well, even knowing better regarding that I never played it that day. It always takes me hours of repeatedly hearing this sentence before I realize that "someone" is probably trying to send me a message and that I should pay attention to the words that are stuck in my head. Once I realize, I start connecting the dots and know what I should pay attention to or watch out for. I read that it's probably my guardian angel watching over me.

Fun fact: once I "accepted" the message, the song leaves my head quite soon, another confirmation if you ask me.

Numbers, numbers, numbers...

Speaking of guardian angels, let's talk numbers as I love them. For some reason, I have always been fascinated by numbers, especially when they pop out like 1111 or 333, etc. Some years ago, I've spent some time reading about seeing double numbers like 11:11 and similar ones. I don't want to go into the meaning here, as this post is already quite long but I found out that if you constantly seeing these combinations may be on the clock or your alarm or other screens, probably your guardian angel is trying to get your attention by sending you a message. If you look up the meaning of these combinations you will find many pages that can give you some guidance in their meaning and what sort of message is being passed on. I've noticed that often after I look them up, I know what this message could be about. It somehow always seems to fall into place once I realize it, and then look up the meaning.

As you can see, these are all quite spiritual things to experience. It truly helps to understand spiritual messages if you take a moment to realize that this may be a message from a loved one/guardian angel because I've noticed that things will fall into place once you realize it.


I can go on about the topic for hours because there's also the part of scripting, the law of attraction, meditation .. I didn't even go into these topics here but my conclusion is that I'm quite a spiritual human being, and we all are. I believe that all of us have used (consciously or subconsciously) the spiritual part of us to make something happen or to get what we truly desire (insert Lucifer's voice from the netflix series here).

Thanks for stopping by <3


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