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RE: Ecotrain QOFTW - If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life.

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American Thoroughbreds were ALWAYS performing the task...
May have changed now, but bulls have pretty much been done
with a straw. In this country. I knew some horse people. Also,
have you ever heard of the Kentucky Derby? I'm in Indiana,
just north of there. Lots of breeders reside in southern Indiana
and Northern Kentucky 🐴

As far as a wild stallion, sounds good except the fighting part.
I'm a lover, not a fighter 💞💖💕💝


Oh yes, I have definitely heard of Kentucky Derby. In fact, it has long been a dream to be able to be there one day. I have ridden myself for years and have always had a lot of interest in equestrian sports. Indiana is of course known for the many horse breeders. As far as that goes, you are certainly in a good part of America. Even now that I no longer ride a horse myself, I still have a lot of interest in equestrian sports ... and from a photographic point of view it is MORE than an interesting sport. Every part of the equestrian sport is very photogenic. So well ... that Kentucky Derby, it still remains on the wishlist to ever be there.