Fire and Ice and Everything Nice!

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I finally pulled the trigger and invested in Hive! I wanted to get a feel for a bit on how I see people treating each other and the overall vibe of future development and which people are staying the course and which ones have moved on. There are 5 or so Communities besides the 4 or so Communities I made (which are dormant FOR NOW), that I've been finding time to be involved with.


The tags I use are some of the main ones I find interesting or show promising growth and more importantly, leadership and ethics. As an OG woman on here I've seen tons come and go and some with much gusto and fanfare then poooof. I watch and learn and am happy and GRATEFUL for the friends and network pals I have made over the years. It's not everyday you can say you are still in touch with the same crypto crews after 3 and 1/2 years.

In these times not everyone wants to or can invest and that's fine and understandable but not only am I investing in Hive which creates Win/Win scenarios....but am looking at the communities with coins more but time is a bit limited on most days.

The following are NOT investment tips or advice but just my personal take away from a rather bumpy journey in this crazy crypto world!


  • If it seems too good to be true it might be so do your due dilegence and explore for yourself if an opportunity is valid or a good fit for you

  • Try not to fall into the FOMO/FUD trap of the social pressures on how you should spend YOUR money. If people pressure you to do things with YOUR money that's a red flag. It's okay to say NO

  • It's also okay to ask for things, I was feeling pretty on the fence of investing but through generosities from people like @drakos, I got a nice delegation and felt like I could dip more than my toe in the Hive waters... I have projects in the works and will have more time for Hive coming up so anyone wanting to work together or support by UV /Delegation , you will have my gratitude to say the least.

  • Emotional Investing! It's easy to get emotional on here on why you feel or see some making bank on every post or you support someone and don't get the favor returned. My advice is to ignore it, even if you still UV someone YOU STILL GET CURATION so it doesn't really matter. I'll save the drama for things that actually matter.

  • Loyalty is EVERYTHING, I will be the first to pull the plug on a project or being involved with anything where there is no loyalty or ethics etc. You can meet amazing fellow business people on here and there are endless opportunities if you are open and willing. You can make your own worlds on here so be willing to put in the work and learn the 'game'.

  • COMMUNITY There are many communities with their own tokens and tip bots and such and I'd recommend getting to know how each place works, look at the volume of sell and buy orders and the overall vibe and if it feels right then maybe you get in at a good time and make a nice profit!

There will be some more posts coming down the pipeline with announcements, contests of my own etc. and am proud to say that am now invested in Hive and looking at it for the long haul. Thank you for your time and if you want to chat or know more about some of the projects I am invested in (money or time wise) feel free to send me a friend request on DISCORD #battleaxe1003


  • giphy, persistancepaysoffphoto property of @battleaxe, Yes I workout cause life throws curve balls you gotta stay on top of your game and carry on! Catch ya' later!

It is awesome to have cool friends, looking Forward to getting much more going in INFOWARS very soon! It has tons of potential, MEGATONS!

agreed I have quite a bit staked and hope to see it garner some new people with fresh voices and perspectives....keep it spicy

A favorite quote suddenly comes to my mind,

2.88 on this post, lulz and OH YES on the quote, curating a bit, need to recharge my powa' but oh hell yes.

I'm mostly on the trader side of things for a reason which I get reminded about but need a creative outlet to let loose to, love the quote cause it's oh so true....nobody knows if nobody shows and aces up sleeves as I watch falling down leaves.... is stormy outside, that vibe makes me wanna write and slice a watermelon if there are any even still at stores lol

Great post you put out here @battleaxe, and all the points you mentioned are very accurate and true!

It shows your power!

Aint Giphy just great for these little gif expressions. Takes a lot less time to make clear what you mean. Instead of hours of editing. 😄

Wishing you a great day and take care!

THANKS! Yeah I find talking about tiny details rather exhausting, guess that thing called "real life" takes a first place over trying to figure out which font is exactly perfect you know what I mean? I'm going to be playing around with different frontends in my never ending quest to become the biggest blogger non-influencer ever!
your pal axey

Very well put @battleaxe! There's a lot of interesting things going on with Hive and the various communities. It's been handled better than some other DPoS chains (or flat out PoW projects) that I've seen play out over the past few years.

I'm still seeing what all the buzz is about and just scratched the surface.

thanks, yeah am not on here to be a masochist or a sadist lulz, am a business woman as you know and on screens all day in my "battle station" I need a creative/social outlet to grow and do some things that I hope and think will not just benefit myself but others, other communities and hopefully the Hive Ecoysytem at large!

Loyalty is a fantastic quality to have.
Misguided loyalties can be a real bitch!

yeah no fuckin' joke O.o the stripes on that front...ouch!

if I dispense the stripes I make sure both sides get it good, am a sucker for sides matching up.....
If I get thirsty then I fill up my cup
if I call bullshit it's cause it's true! OH MY
IF I want more money it's cause don't play stupid and lie
No no no that's not how this battleaxe swings
make mostly shit for payouts, still invested...ooooh is it gonna sting?
Yet to be determined but love to dish it out
if someone can't take my nuke level lurve then ain't me who goes and pouts

lol - well said - I think...

Glad you are here! ❤️❤️

thanks, since I'm using the front end and such is great to see some more interaction and love on the work. It's a conscious choice I make on what to use and such and hopefully the price of Hive goes up and there is more cross pollination and such.

I've long since quit worrying about the price because no matter which way the price goes I am here with my fiends, and that is all that matters to me. I'm not going anywhere!

I been on since march 2017, is just like an appendage of mine at this point, lmfao
;) yeah it's fun at times fo sho

You got in 2 months before me! Funny we have not bumped into each other.

lol, I ran with the punks! haha, still mostly do ;)

Loyalty is EVERYTHING, I will be the first to pull the plug on a project or being involved with anything where there is no loyalty or ethics etc. You can meet amazing fellow business people on here and there are endless opportunities if you are open and willing. You can make your own worlds on here so be willing to put in the work and learn the 'game'.


For me the most important on the platform

The art is that yours? Is so cool

Same, time is money and emotions, energy's good to be okay to know how to use it and just keep it at that. The art is from giphy, under the selfie of me working out (gym addict here or was ...before Covid hit), Giphy rocks, although realistically with some of the software we have I could make all types of avatars even on Play Station and have it just takes up too much time so is better to imho go to Pixabay/Giphy :) thanks for the comment

Going strong hun 💪❤

Great advice and guidance thank you!

Also love the images too!

Its great being in here because of ladies like your self, so I want to thank you deep from my heart for supporting Hive newbies like myself.

Take care and I look forward to speaking to you soon.

And here's something that I hope you like as it fit this community and your images!

It's an oldie- same age as me as a matter of fact, but a goodie and I just realised that she is the same age as my mum and this song is the same age as

Hey she may be 78, but I think that we should invite her to the Ladies of

awesome, yeah age is just a number and time really doesn't even exist outside our constructs imho, gave you a follow and glad to have you aboard! Listening to it now,, nice, much better than stuff like WAP that's supposed to be empowering and is just porn imho...Thanks!

Champion, thanks so much hon I really appreciate it! 😃

Loyalty is everything. Truly.

I came in June 2017 to Steemit and have seen many come and go as well. In the beginning, I was amazed that someone with so much power (seemingly so) could disappear like a dot.

When I first came, I was given a delegation before I knew what a delegation was or what it was for. Ignorance is not bliss. Most times it is just ignorance. I should have delved into the whys and what for at that point, but, at that point, I didn't even know what a wallet was, or what it was for. You cannot even imagine how appalled I was to hear about wallet peeking! I laugh now, but, I was so out of my element.

It took me a while to figure it all out.

You put out some good advice and I sometimes forget that it really is an investment here on Hive. If not in money, in time. I have met some of the most amazing people and some of the biggest scam artists. I like to focus on the good though. I have made some mistakes in how to go about things, especially early on, but, not knowing all the rules implied and otherwise, it happens.

Thanks again for the post, there are, of course, some real gems to take away from this.

Have a great day! Hive on!


thanks, yeah it's been a ride to say the least, I am getting way more into the blogging aspect but always have been around and have gasp, a couple of sock accounts cause I do like to day trade but time and emotions are worth something and doing this part is more taxing then just pushing buttons and watching charts but it's enjoyable if you're wanting an least sometimes . It is def a mix of the best and worst in humanity...crypto is, bigtime

I love day trading. :))

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