Changing Seasons

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Autumn is a second spring with each leaf turning into a flower.


Every year there is a moment when I suddenly become very aware of the impending change of the seasons. For me, that change is always strongest when we move towards autumn. And today when I went for a walk with the dogs, I suddenly noticed that the change is really coming again. It won't be long before autumn will invade our country again. The days are already getting considerably shorter. In the morning it stays dark for much longer, in the evening it gets dark much earlier. The short days and long evenings are coming… and every year I feel a kind of melancholy with this farewell to summer.

Living with the seasons

Since I came to live in the countryside in 2015, I live even more consciously with those seasons. Why I had this feeling so strongly today is not so surprising. At the very beginning of spring, the farmers sow corn all around me, and at the end of summer this corn is taken off the land again. Literally all summer I have corn on the land all around me… and today I saw that some pieces of land were bare. On another piece of land they were bruising the corn… and on a single piece of land the corn is still there. But for how long? Not that long anymore ...

It's almost fall ya'll

After a number of years in the countryside, I have learned that this really means that the end of summer is near. That it will no longer take long before the first night frost is expected. And what I have also learned is that farmers do not allow themselves to be fooled by weather forecasts. They consciously live with nature and often feel when the time is right.

Seeing that the corn had already been removed from the land, that they are preparing the feed for the coming winter period gave me a melancholy feeling because I am not at all ready for these cold dark days. For the long evenings and days when the temperature hardly rises above zero. I still enjoyed the summer way too much.

Unnoticed changes

But while I got that feeling, I suddenly realized that I had already made adjustments myself unconsciously. I haven't even noticed, but about 2 weeks ago I walked out the door in a t-shirt and shorts to go for a walk. I just have a jacket on now. And that change went unnoticed. In the evening I often wear a sweater again because the evenings have become considerably cooler. Due to the very weird year that we are in, and I now come into busy environments even less than usual, it all went unnoticed. Normally you see that the terraces are becoming emptier and that the street scene changes in terms of clothing. Now it is all going unnoticed, but it is happening nonetheless.

Nature can never be controlled

Despite the abnormal situation due to corona. In where we all are controlled in what we are allowed to do, which I also do not want to consider normal, the 4 seasons of nature cannot be controlled. They will not be guided and autumn is irrevocably coming. I feel it in the air, I notice it in myself and I see it in nature. The large wild chestnut trees in front of my house have been dropping the chestnuts for several weeks. The leaves are slowly turning from green to yellow. The sun is still shining, and we now have a few late summer days, but it warms up much later than when it is high summer. And the sun is also gone much sooner… so that it is not very hot at all in my opinion, but only pleasant. And as these dark thoughts threatened to overtake me, the dogs jumped and played around me.

Lana, Myla & Skipper

Seeing Lana's always cheerful muzzle, Myla's incredibly sweet faithful gray muzzle, and the young Skipper's always mischievous muzzle, I got all warm inside again. And I realized again how rich I am with these 3 dogs around me every day. Bring on the dark cold days. Bring on this autumn and winter.

The love for and from my 3 dogs keeps me warm.


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heheh I just know you are waiting for the leaves for the dogs to play!

The light in the evening has been so beautiful actually for not ready for full on autumn as yet

Oh yes, that's something I really am waiting for! Last year I made the precious memories with Rowan in this time, and this year I cannot wait to see how crazy Skipper will go when all the leaves are falling.

The lights in the evening are beautiful indeed ... but still, I don't want the summer to end now

Lovely photos. I really like the cornfield with the misty background.

I can already see slight changes here. It is still very warm and it would KILL me if we got down to zero ever! ha ha, but still, autumn is certainly starting to sneak in.

Fall has nearly always been my favorite season with it's pumpkins and colorful leaves everywhere and the first hint of coolness in the air, but then winter is my LEAST favorite season, so I think melancholy seems the perfect word to describe it as the first hints of fall show up and like you said, the daylight begins to shorten..... and yet, it happens every year no matter what.

It's hard to just live in the NOW sometimes... .right? Projecting ahead to things that aren't quite here yet and letting it affect today. Doesn't sound quite right, does it? .... and yet, there it is.

Oh I can understand this so well. Yes ... every year, again and again I try to just live in the NOW, and not think about what will be. But every year again, I can't help but feeling this bit of melancholy about the changing seasons, and especially when fall slowly enters my little corner of the world.

When spring arrives it has the same obviously showing changes, but those changes are positive. The green is starting to pop up after the bear and cold winter. The flowers are popping up and the colors in nature revive.

When autumn sets in, it's first a beautiful explosion of colors and then everything disappears and it's bear, cold, and dead ...

Nothing we can do about that, just try to stay warm and survive. But with the love of my 3 doggies I am able to do just that. Stay active, warm and survive this period and finally spring will arrive again ... and life will come back in nature and in our hearts.

Yes it will ! 🙂

I have felt the same melancholy during the last few days. Although each season has something lovely to look forward to...there is something else about autumn that makes one reminisce and think backwards instead of forwards. It is an ending that needs to happen so that we can reflect and appreciate what it means to experience the longer and warmer seasons. One of my favorite sayings goes something like this...we must see both sides of the coin to know there even is a coin!

Thank you for stopping by, and yes for sure. Every season has it's charmes. And to be honest I love the vibrant colors that autumn brings us. It's really a gift and a joy to photograph. But still the change of seasons makes me feel a bit melancholy every year ...

I love your favorite saying, it's very true. If we only see one side ... we don't know. That goes for many things in life. Always look at both sides of the coin.

Such beautiful photos, @hetty-rowan. Perhaps one day, I will be able to express myself in photos. Not with my iPhone, LOL!
Indeed, it is almost fall! How time flies. Colors don't change much here in California. Autumn is always late, and the leaves don't change color and fall until late November to early December. I love fall colors, and look forward to your amazing photos that capture the change of season.
Have a fantastic evening, my lovely friend @hetty-rowan, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thank you @silversaver888. I just was reading your post with your photos and I'm sure you're expressing much better through your photos than you are aware of. Iphones do have good cameras. LOL!

When I hear that your autumn sets in that late, I immediately start to wonder about winter there? Do you have a real winter? Fascinating things to think about, right?

I'll try to show you the changing seasons in my little corner of the world dear @silversaver888. For now I hope you're sleeping well and wish you a great Sunday ahead! Enjoy your day, and take care. 💖😘🌻

Your photos - they are gorgeous!!
Is that your house? I love it
I also love the idea of four seasons and reading this made me wonder again what it'd be like, even though I can't really take the cold.
Will have to live vicariously through your pics :D

Thank you for your compliment. And yes, that's my house on the photo. Living with the 4 seasons is for sure a joy, but it can be a challenge as well. Nature has it's charmes and each and every season too. In Spring nature revives after the cold winter, Summer gives us fruits, Autumn shows very vibrant colors and nature will get ready for hibernation, and then winter ... when the nature is hibernating and all looks bear and dead, cold days ... maybe snow as a soft white blanket to cover the world.

I'll try to show it through my pictures.

Funny that you wonder how it is to live with the seasons, often I wonder how it would be like to NOT have those seasons changing. I guess we always wonder about the things we can not imagine.

Have a great Sunday and thank you for stopping by at my post. Take care!

A nice reflection of how time subtly passes. At times, we really take notice and other times, it sneaks in. I've been watching nature in my neck of the woods, and have seen subtle changes for the past 4 weeks. Now the volume is being turned up and it's coming a bit faster than it was. It's not yet up to full steam, but I do like fall, and I agree, it seems to have many changes that come with it; some good; some not so good, but all different.

Thanks for sharing @hetty-rowan and have a lovely day!💜

Oh that's exactly the way it is. Sometimes we take notice and sometimes it just sneaks in and happens. But the change from Summer to Autumn is the one change that I notice every year. It's not that I don't love this time of the year. The vibrant colors, and many other things that are enjoyable. It's natures preparation to hibernation. Fascinating in fact ... but yeah it does give me a melancholy feeling every year.

Thank you for stopping by, and I would love to see the nature in your neck of the woods.

Have a marvelous Sunday and Take care! 💖

You as well @hetty-rowan!💜

As always, beautiful shots.
I always expect and respect the seasonal changes.
Rhythm of birth and death.
Light and dark.
Refresh and renewal.
It may come fierce or subtle.
But it is change.
I tend to be effected with Seasonal Effective disorder but its never a surprise.
I'll be ready for it.

Thanks for stopping by, and yes the seasonal changes are a fact. And needed ... It's the circle of life.

I'm ready for it too, I know it's going to happen and I can be a little effected by it, but I will get through because there always will be a new Spring to look forward to.

Beautiful photos @hetty-rowan , can't wait to see more :D

Thank you @lilchillgirl ... If you keep an eye on my blog, you'll sure see more. Thanks for stopping by 💖

Autumn is a second spring with each leaf turning into a flower.

OMG, that is such a beautiful a poetic thing to say! Love this!
I also like your photography! That shot looking over the crops in the field is breathtaking, especially the way you processed it! Kudos! 💛

Thank you very much @thekittygirl. Very glad you liked it. Yes for a photographer it is the way it is, every leaf turning into a flower. I really love the vibrant colors that are almost here. And at the same time ... I feel that melancholy for saying goodbye to the summer again.

The shot you loved is the only shot from this series I took with my Nikon camera, all other shots in this post I've made with my phone. I guess that makes the difference, and there the difference is between a 'photo' and a 'snapshot'.

Thank you for the compliments. It made me blush ...


Well, other shots are good, too, that one jumped out at me because of the tone of the colors, perhaps due to the processing. It has an almost "dreamy" appearance to it, as if it weren't real. The other shot that I loved was the building that is playfully hidden behind a tree... I can't quite tell if it is a barn or a church or a house or what, as it seems to have elements of all three! It's a wonderful shot! 😃

That's very nice to hear. It's a farmhouse, and it's the place in this corner of the world that I call my home. I love the big chestnut trees in front of it. It gives me always something to look at.

Oh, that looks like a fabulous place to live!!! 😊

It is... Very lucky to live at a place like this in the crowded Netherlands