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While scrolling on hive I discovered a new community, started by @silversaver888 and @thekittygirl that I just couldn't pass up. Here I had to jump in ... and write an introduction post!

I don't write about those typical girls things that often, mostly my posts are related to my dogs, or photography, and lately my personal crypto journey towards my goal as well. But oh how nice it is to talk about just typical girl things. Because even though my life mainly consists of my dogs, photography and the unfortunately not too rosy financial situation. Nevertheless, I am and will of course remain a woman. And I love to just relax with a post that is just FUN.

So let me start by telling you a bit who I am.

Rowan my "Forever HeRo"

As my name implies “hetty-rowan”, Hetty is my name… and Rowan is not my last name but the name of my first own dog. A dog who has stood by my side for 11 years as the most loyal friend I could ever wish for. Unfortunately he passed away on December 21st from anal gland tumors, but in my heart he will always be with me. That's why my discord name 'Forever HeRo#7082'. Forever Hetty-Rowan, and he is and will always be my hero. So double meaning ...

Dogs, dogs, dogs

I think my most important passion has already been found by mentioning Rowan. Dogs! Yes… dogs. I have loved dogs all my life. It started when I was a little girl of about six years old when my grandfather bought a Malinois puppy. I loved that dog and if they lost me they only had to walk to Bruno's loft. Guaranteed that I would be there. Playing with him or sleeping against him. And as crazy as I was with Bruno, he was so crazy about me. He was also protective because when I was sleeping against him he would not allow them to take me out of the loft. That was my first encounter with dogs loyalty and love.

A pack of dogs

Yet it would take years before I would have a dog myself… And that eventually came after the death of both my parents. After Rowan, Myla soon joined. After Myla came Lex, an elderly dog who was urgently looking for a golden basket and eventually Lana also came from the shelter. It is busy with 4 shepherds in the house. And you can also imagine that I walk the necessary kilometers a day to give all dogs their exercise.

Losing two dogs in two years

In 2018 Lex passed away after a stomach tilt at the age of 15, and in December 2019 I had to say goodbye to my little everything Rowan at the age of 11. Now only Myla and Lana were left of the original pack. And I soon noticed from these two girls that they felt a lack. After Lex's death, I had also noticed that they really mourned the loss of Lex, and after Rowan's death, this was even more present. They weren't that happy anymore, and I also missed having a male dog around me who could keep the ladies under control. It did not take long before another dog who needed to be relocated came our way.

Skipper joins

This time a beautiful young strong guy who especially Lana can keep under control. Skipper made its appearance in February. He is also a dog who was looking for a golden basket. Bringing Skipper into my home made my days busier again because this young guy had to gain confidence and he still really has to be educated. So we spend a lot of time working together to bond and during those moments I try to teach him things in a playful way. Which works quite well so far. In the six months that he has been here now I have seen him blossom from a fairly quiet closed dog who did not know what to do and did not dare to make mistakes… into a dog that is open and free, and more and more challenging to play. He's faithful, he's sweet, and he's daring to be himself now, knowing that even if I don't agree with what he's doing ... I'll never punish him physically. He learns very quickly and can be found by my side all day, just like Rowan.

And yes again with 3 dogs in the house… walking is still a regular part of my day. I spend many hours outside. Preferably in the wild. That is something I can really enjoy. Unfortunately due to the bad financial circumstances not what I would most like to do. What I was used to doing is now not possible… I prefer to drive the dogs to a beautiful location to walk and photograph for a few hours.

Now walking the dogs is always the same. The forests that I can walk to from home have become our daily terrain and every time the same environment is fine for walking the dogs, but as a source of inspiration for photography it is a bit deadly. Unfortunately.


And with that I have addressed another important passion… Photography is in my blood. I just have to photograph what I see, but I prefer variety. Although I mainly photograph the dogs, I still think it is important to have the necessary variety in order to not always take 100% the same photo. And photographing landscapes is also something I can completely lose myself in. If I'm in the right mood and really go for it with the camera hung around my neck, I can stay away for hours where I no longer have an eye for reality and completely lose all sense of time. I am only concerned with seeing the images that I want to create and that piece of relaxation is simply wonderful. Completely lose yourself in that one moment, the only thing to be concerned about what is there, and what you see in it and what you are already going to make of it in your thoughts. So wandering through nature with a camera and dogs is what kept me going in the most difficult times… and that's why I've kept fighting to make it a little better every day. Which also works. I'm not there yet, but I'm on my way to get there.

What I did in the past

Passions from the past that I could no longer do, or that have simply been wiped out are horse riding, sailing, painting… what I should pick up again. Drawing is the same as painting, I should pick it up again but the inspiration is not there yet. I did a lot of writing poems… but after the death of my parents it stopped and never really came back. Once in a while, but not like it used to be. Well maybe it will come again… and if not, good too. With photography I can also tell a lot and I can express my feelings in that too.

Well… what else can I tell you ladies?

My age is not at all important to me, how I feel is much more important. And that is usually still young, and sometimes very old. But anyway as long as I can still walk for miles with the dogs every day, I feel good. And that is the most important.

I have never been a typical shop-a-holic, but nevertheless I can really enjoy it IF I really take the time to go shopping.

Surely more things will come to mind, but that will be for the next post. The most important thing in my life now is the love for my dogs, being busy with the dogs and photography.

I look forward to getting to know more LADIES OF HIVE and reading your posts.


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Thanks as usual!

Graag gedaan, als usual 😉

BTW: een kleine opmerking... Ik apprecieer je upvotes van mijn comments ten zeerste maar...ik weet niet of je het weet, maar wanneer de waarde niet boven de 0.02$ uitstijgt worden ze niet uitbetaald maar gaan ze naar de algemene Hive pool... En daar hebben jij nog ik iets aan. Wou ik toch nog even zeggen want op die manier verbrand je Voting Power voor niets...

Als je toch iets wil upvoten (wat ik zoals ik zei ten zeerste apprecieer 😎), waarom neem je dan niet deel aan mijn dagelijkse roll-the dice spel? Je maakt dan nog eens kans om meer terug te krijgen dan de waarde van je upvote (Met dank aan de sponsoring van Ray van Brofund 😉) Just my 2 cents...

Ten zeerste gewaardeerd ... Dank je wel voor je welgemeende advies en ik ga hier zeker even naar kijken. Ik ben de laatste tijd iets te gemakkelijk geworden. Tijd om daar weer uit te komen en weer actiever deel te nemen ... Thanks 🤗

Oh nice ... will look into that too @ackza

Ahhh gorgeous dogs! I have two little dachshunds and my heart is going to break when their lives come to an end. I am so sorry you lost two wonderful pups, but I am glad you found Skipper to bring some levity for you and the girls.

Nice to see you in the Ladies of Hive. 💕

Thank you ... yes, the loss of the two dogs was difficult to deal with. But as time goes by, the great memories remain and the grief becomes bearable. And because I loved and love the other two so much ... I want to give the same love to Skipper. He's also a great dog who deserved a new golden basket.

And great to be in the Ladies of Hive 💖

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Hello @hetty-rowan! What a delight to read about you. And isn't it so true that whatever it is that we are into, we are forever a woman?

Bruno, Rowan, Myla, Lex, Lana, Skipper... what great companions you've had through the years and still have 3 today. It is so nice to see photos of four of them here! I too will not forget my very first dog, so much so that I named another dog after her when ChuChu crossed over the rainbow bridge.

And WOW on the beautiful capture of a scene in your forest! I love the photo. That is how that forest would look to a tiny pixie navigating the path between the rows of trees. Simply wonderful, @hetty-rowan.

Isn't it interesting what we used to do and no longer do? You certainly are still writing in prose, and it is so evident in this article, my friend.

We have our love for our dogs in common. I think that as we both get to know the other LADIES OF HIVE from their articles, we will find that love for these loyal companions (as dogs and cats) are shared by so many women.

THANK YOU, thank you for sharing with us! What a great first article to read this morning.
Have a beautiful week ahead, @hetty-rowan, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thank you so much for your extended reply here @silversaver888. Yes isn't it great that we have all those wonderful companions. All animals are so special but to me dogs are the most loyal companions a woman could ever wish for. They give everything they have and ask nothing in return. All they want is to do good for you and be a part of your life.

I'm happy you loved the forest photo. I'm planning to share much more of that. And I'm really happy I found this community through your blogpost earlier today. It made me really wanting to be a part of it. And I got excited right away.

Wish you a great week as well, and look forward to get to know all you ladies so much better!

Shepherds are my favorites. Mine died 6 years ago and I miss that lovely smart girl so much! Great memories, though. My dear friend got a Shepherd puppy a couple of years ago and I am so lucky that I get to be Ransoms 2nd family when they are traveling.

Here is my Anna


Aahhwww such a cute face ... she was a beautiful girl! I'm sure you miss her every day. Happy for you tho that you have another shep in your life every now and than. I can't imagine what my life would be without my sheps around me.

Hello @herry-rowan. Just to let you know that you received 150 exp points on our discord channel for this well-written article. Please make the Ladies of Hive your own. It is yours! So not forget to include the #ladiesofhive in the first 4 tags of your articles, so that the ladies may enjoy your articles and get to know you better through your articles. See you in discord!
Upvoted and rehived 😍

@hetty-rowan, what a wonderful introduction! You obviously have a passion for dogs which is awesome! I look forward to more posts from you and getting to know you. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day!🤗💜

Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind reply on my little intropost here. Yes the passion for dogs is obvious and will show in many posts, as well as my love for photography.

You are very welcome! It is so nice to get to know people whom you might not otherwise have even met if not for a community like #ladiesofhive! Have a wonderful day today and take care!

I am glad to know you even more, happy to have you in here with the Ladies of Hive!

Thank you @kerrislravenhill, that's completely likewise. Looking forward to see more of you and happy to see you in the Ladies of Hive.

Nice posts and photos (also nice dogs) !

Later I will also make a post....

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Beautiful dogs and nice post! Great to find your account on Hive, I also love dogs and photography :D