My entry for the FIRST Ladies of Hive Contest!

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There is magic in everyday's things ...

The first Ladies Of Hive contest! Yeah! If YOU want to participate, I welcome you to do so, and to read the rules and see how easy it is to participate ... please read this announcementpost

Of course I have to participate myself

And as part of the mod squad I of course cannot pass this contest without participating myself. @brittandjosie thank you for the questions we can choose from this first round, and even though I thought at first I would definitely write a blog about what I would do if I got 100 dollars NOW… it suddenly occurred to me that I can maybe do better when I write about the last thing I used at home.

Yes, it may sound unbelievably boring, but it isn't.

I may live a quiet life in the countryside of a small village in the North Brabant Netherlands. My life is anything but boring. The three dogs in the house of course already keep me busy, and together with those dogs I experience enough.

Hell seemed to break loose

Like this morning. After the morning walk with the dogs it was quiet in the house and suddenly all hell seemed to break loose. Little Myla mouse started to growl, Lana started barking like an idiot and Skipper jumped around like a kangaroo. I wondered why all this was of course… but as long as that busyness still prevailed there was no possibility to calmly see what the problem was. There went my hope to have a QUIET cup of tea and have a moment to myself.

Couldn't hear my own thoughts

After I stood between the dogs, they jumped a little less like idiots, but still barking like crazy. And I still couldn't see what was going on. For that I had to make some space first, and all three dogs thought they should tell me what was going on now. Talking to your dog is one thing, but believe me… 3 shepherds who want to talk to you at the same time make you can't even understand yourself and you can't hear your own thoughts anymore.

Find the cause of all the trouble

“SILENT now”. I had to wait a while and after a few more small barks and some protest from my darlings they finally kept their jaws together just long enough so that I could also make it clear that they had to step aside so that I could find the cause of all the noise. And after Myla was kind enough to step aside, it was made clear to me by Skipper who flew like crazy on the tennis ball that Myla had apparently smuggled in after the walk.

A tennis ball inside the house

Oops, a little moment of attention from me… I had to make a silent appointment with the dogs for my own peace of mind, As soon as you are outside you can play with all the tennis balls available, as much as you want… but NO TENNIS BALLS inside the house.

I want to prevent fights

Why not? Well for the very simple reason that all three of my sweethearts have a certain urge to possess. All three of them can handle this well outside, but as soon as they have a tennis ball inside, all three go into 'guard mode'. They guard that one ball and as soon as one of the other dogs gets too close to them, they growl at each other. Of course, the other dog does not give up because even if they all three have a ball, they must have ALL balls. So they keep bothering each other to collect those balls. Such a ball really seems to have magical appeal for my furry babies. Now that is not so bad in itself, but I also know from experience that if I don't pay attention to this… that fights can also arise.

The pack is not completely balanced yet

When I still had Rowan with the ladies, this was not an issue because he made sure that my 2 bitches remained calm and would not fight. But Skipper is a different dog, and still very young! Rowan was a calm dog who was accepted by the two ladies as a pack leader. Skipper is a young strong male, but has yet to learn how to control the ladies. And he is not yet accepted as a pack leader. Although he does his very best for that. In terms of strength, he can easily beat both ladies. But he is not yet mature spiritually, and that makes him subordinate to Myla at the moment.

It just takes time to grow

With which, at the moment, no complete balance has been reached in the pack. This is something that I naturally took into account when I placed a young male with my two girls. This just takes time, and luckily we've come a long way since February. The first days Skipper was accepted by both ladies, after that Lana in particular turned 180 degrees and she did not want to know anything more about Skipper, and he all the more about her. Meanwhile, there is a tacit agreement between the dogs that they accept each other and Myla and Skipper have really made friends and I often see the two lying together. Lana and Skipper have a lot of fun playing together, but once Lana is in, Skipper has to leave her alone.

Get the ball and most busy dog outside

And something as small as a ball inside can therefore also be total enough to let the shaky balance between the dogs fall over for a moment. After I had discovered the problem, it was just a very quick reaction… And to let the peace recover, Get the most busy and guarding dog with the ball out.

But wait, you would tell us about;

"What is the last thing I used at home" ...

Yes ... I had to tell you the whole story. But now I'm coming to that part! And you'll maybe surprised. Because the last thing I used at home is ...

The kettle!

Because after throwing the ball out, I quickly turned on the kettle to finally be able to make that cup of tea for myself… and drink it outside with Skipper. He enjoys the ball that has such a magical appeal to him. And I enjoy a hot cup of tea outside in fairly cool temperatures!

@puga @thisismylife @kotturinn @isaria Maybe you girls like to enter this contest for the "Ladies of Hive Community" too? If not, all good. I just fulfilled a part of the rules with inviting you to join.

Hmmm ... I kept reading, are reading...hmmm...
Aha! The kettle to warm the cup of tea! Hehehe ... sometimes it takes forever to get a simple tea!

You are totally right, but when you do get that tea ... you really do enjoy and appreciate it much more. Lol

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 25 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Nice one, I was reading and reading and wondering where the answer was :) lol
And never take the balls inside, I remember from when I had dogs, it's a pain :) lol

Yes to come to the answer I had to tell this story ... lol.

But it really IS a pain in the A$$ to let them have balls inside. Besides that they're sweet ... LOL

Yeah, I love the pic of Skipper with the ball <3

Now I know where the name Rowan comes from. I loved it ! And I so relate with the two Gordon’s who do the same ! They aren’t allowed to take balls or takken inside Hahahah they will go bazurk and breek down the joint hahahha. But what an enrichment they are , a lot of work aswell this morning Joe decided to go swim just when I was in a hurry to be at the office last before the home office is open again, in these moment ms I think : eikels ! But with love

Great entry and thanks that you as mod also took on the challenge

Lol I can so relate to that ... they always seem to have other plans as I do. Luckily I have enough space outside to let them cool down a bit and let them get rid of some energy that needs to get out. But still, yes they bring a lot of work with them, and in addition ... They are the most loyal and loving company you can get. Yes they definitely are an enrichment in our lives. Can't imagine my life without them ... even in moments when they want to make me scream "SHUT THE F*** UP".

Thank you for your reply!

Oh, you had me going! I was sure, the whole time I was reading, it was the dogs! But to think you got your tea time after all and a twist at the end. Loved it.

Your three sound so sweet. I have a 16-year-old chihuahua who thinks she is as big as a Shephard, but she doesn't bark at much except for if one of us wear a hat. haha.

great post! you deserve a !tip

Ahw thank you for the tip!

Yes I think most people expect the dogs, but seriously... I cannot USE the dogs. Lol. And yeah besides that little fact you better believe that I was happy to finally enjoy my cup of tea.

Thanks for reading and your comment.

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Ah! and all that before you got to enjoy your cup of tea! Great to see the mods leading the way with this fun contest!

Oh yes, this is usually the case. When I think I can enjoy a relaxed moment, the dogs have a little bit different thoughts.

Thank you for your visit, comment and yes it's great to see mods entering in this fun contest too. I enjoy all entries very much.

The tennis ball was the culprit all along!

Of course it was ... and will always be!

Thank you for your visit and comment. Much appreciated!

With only one young Siberian Husky puppy that is a handful to deal with presently, I can only imagine the unpredictable daily chaos of your three German Shepherd working class dogs and laughed reading your morning drama.

Wait a minute. The kettle? I honestly thought you were going to say the last thing you touched was that darn tennis ball. Haha! You got me!🐶🐾🥎

To make a long story short longer...

Hope you have a peaceful morning when you awaken today! @hetty-rowan♥️

Lol @ninahaskin, I feel you. Young dogs are much more demanding in their needs, but you get so much love back from them. And when they start getting older, the demand slowly changes to less, the love grows more. And when they are really getting old, the need for care is higher ... but it doesn't feel that way because the love is so big that you will do anything for them.

Oh by the way, I have 3 shepherds, but not all three are German sheps, 1 Malinois, 1 Dutch Shepherd and 1 German Shepherd. No matter what, they're all three really working dogs and have for sure their needs, and they're all three high in energy.

Oh yessss, I know ... everybody will think that it would be that tennis ball. Lol

Thank you for your visit, comment and wishes. Wish you a lovely day to @ninahaskin

You sound like you have a very full, loved and loving life with your furbabies! And I'm sure that you wouldn't have it any other way!

What a great post and thank you for sharing!

It sure is a full, loved and loving life with those three furbabies. No I wouldn't want it any other way. They are the most precious gems in my life and I wouldn't want to miss any of them.

Thank you for your visit and comment. Much appreciated!

Yes, you're a lucky person you are. I miss my furbabies so much....I don't know if you saw this last night, but this guy was the love of my life....

This one has a video of him talking to me

and this one has some funny photos of him

I always thought the emphasis is more on the journey than that of the Kettle destination.
Nice little mental head fake @hetty-rowan 🍵

Lol,... thank you for your thoughts. Yes it's what they always say, and what is often true. Not this time... Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment ❤️