The dogs won again

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Feel like update EVERYTHING in just one day

Do you also recognize this, if you have been away a lot more than you normally do, that as soon as you stay at home for a day you also feel that you have to do EVERYTHING? In any case, that is very recognizable to me. The cleaning jitters strike while it is not necessary at all more than usual. Some things have been left out and I really get the feeling that I have to update that in a day.

But the dogs want and deserve attention

But I also have a whole series of photos to edit, so that also means a lot of time behind the pc… and while I'm doing that I keep losing my focus because the dogs of course also want attention, and certainly deserve attention. Especially with the still young Skipper, I now notice a very big difference.

First we had to build trust

Leaving is already a thing with him. He could be alone. But I am not very used to being away from home a lot. When Skipper came to live here in February, there was no mention of corona yet, but I was dealing with a dog that had just been removed from his safe environment and was still completely insecure in his new home. Because I believe that a dog should first be given the opportunity to build trust, I only left home when there was no other option, and then returned home as soon as possible.

Than the corona crisis started

Pretty soon after, the corona started interfering with everything, and it became more and more 'normal' to only leave home when you really had to. For a long time, going somewhere was not allowed, excursions were impossible and so leaving home was limited to just getting groceries and back home. That had crept in so much that afterwards I had to spend time again on 'learning to be alone'. And now that I can go away from home more and a little longer, I have to deal with something else. Skipper accepts that I am leaving, he does not break anything, he is calm when I return home. But after that he wants attention, and he has to lose his energy! That is of course also logical. After all, he is not even 2 years old.

He needs to lose his energy

And I want to give him that attention too. I also want him to have the opportunity to lose his energy. After all, a happy dog ​​in the house is also better for me than a dog that is going to be annoying because he still has too much energy left that he cannot use.

Being more away has consequences

Due to circumstances this week has been a week for me in which I am away from home much more than was normally the case. And that also has consequences for the time I can spend with the dogs.

I had planned to do a lot

Today happened to be a day when I was away for an hour at most, so you would think plenty of time for the dogs. But just because I didn't really have to leave today, I had to do other things today. I have a lot of photos to edit from the past few days, and of course also a house to keep clean. In short… just a day when I wanted to work with concentration things turned out completely differently and I completely lost my focus because, yes, my own conscience did not give me any peace of mind.

Spoiled furbabies

Of course I know with my mind that I have a bunch of spoiled furbabies around the house. That they are almost never alone and always get all the attention they want. But my feelings and my mind sometimes argue with each other about that. And today was such a day. I was busy in the house, and I made quite some progress with cleaning too, and yes in between cleaning I also edited some more photos, but I could have done MUCH MORE if I hadn't gotten the feeling every hour that I had to play and cuddle with the dogs for at least half an hour. And in addition to all that playing and cuddling, there are of course also two long walks a day. And in addition, in the morning and in the evening they are briefly let out.

Those sweet dog snouts

With my mind I know that they really do not lack anything. But my feeling thought I had something to make up for. And the faces of those dogs that looked so faithful to me while editing photos won out over my job every time.

They won again

Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy ... well, crazy about my dogs. I am for sure. Nobody has to doubt that. In any case, the result of now is a different blog than I had planned. My work is not done. The dogs have won again.

I had an excues

They have all had and enjoyed extra long walks. For myself I had the excuse that I had to enjoy the wonderful weather we still have this week. Tomorrow the temperatures will drop again and who knows what it will be next week. The photos I have to edit will still be there next week, that's for sure. But whether the weather is still nice, or whether I have to walk through rain and wind again? That cannot be said yet. And I know that I love to walk with my spoiled monsters, but that I really enjoy the walks considerably less where I almost blow out of my shoes and come home completely wet.

I spent my day outside with the dogs

So despite a day full of plans, all those plans literally turned out completely differently. Instead of a really big house cleaning, and lots of photo editing, it turned into cleaning what is needed, edited a few photos and spent the rest of the day with the dogs. Cuddling, playing and walking… They have enjoyed themselves and are now sleeping peacefully, and my mind and feeling are aligned again for a while.

Hopefully I'll do a better job tomorrow!




Beasty Girls United LOL.jpg

Yrah ... and Skipper is now replying with WOOOFF WOOHHOOOOWWWOOOF WOOF ...


Great photo from these two cuties. Give them a hug from me!

Unfortunately, SKIP, they are both "fixed"



Skip doesn't like that much.... He likes his ladies natural






Yes, pet relationships do require time and effort to build. And where to use all tgat energy with the current Covid19 environment is a difficult circumstance. I have a friend with Welsh corgis that are used to their regular Flyball routine fun, such a change was too much for his dog. At least things have eased up doing the routine Flyball solo without the social part yet to be allowed.

Thank you for stopping by @kerrislravenhill, yes pet relationships take time and effort. That's for sure. And it also takes leadership and consistency, being stable and many other things more. But above all, giving love and loyalty!

Great that your friend can give the dogs the opportunity for flyball, even tho it's solo for now.

Well, you are right, just enjoy the day with the dogs whenever you can. Soon enough the weather will turn and then there's a lot of sitting inside anyway.. And those snouts do look really cute <3 So I can imagine that you want to spend time with them lol

Oh you bet! And to be honest ... I have a feeling that today will be pretty much the same. 🤣

Thanks for dropping by at my post and wish you a great day! Take care!

You enjoy it while you can. I had a less nice morning, but now going to shop until I drop (groceries haha) to fill up our brand new freezer. Will save me some trips to the supermarket on a daily basis. After that, work.. Have a nice day!

Same for you, enjoy your shopping!

Doggos! First I wake up and see a cool cat post, now a cool doggo post. Awesome to see you in a few communities am into as well :)

Hive On and keep those cute pics coming, Lady Power to the exxxxxxtreme! lol

Beasty Girls United LOL.jpg

Doggos are my life, and they keep me strong ... Owning 3 sheps is not done by always being sweet as we both know. So yeah Lady Power to the exxxxxxxxtreme. Lol

Thanks for dropping a comment. And you know I LOVE this gif!

Have a great day Axey and take care.

Oh, those dogs sound like they have a wonderful life. We have had to leave our Chihuahua Cordie home with my sister-in-law so many times. Cordie loves to travel, but not many Air BnBs like having dogs. Hotels/motels are a bit easier to find but they cost so much more extra with her. This is one reason we will be camping more. She loves sleeping in the hammocks so it's a win-win for us.

Enjoy those babies, they grow so fast!

They sure have a good dogs life, but so does Cordie. For me it's not really an option to travel with 3 shepherds, unless I can make it to go by car and that's what I'm trying to save up for. 😊

Thank you for stopping by and reading the post. Have a great evening and take care! Hugs for Cordie 💖

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 23 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks @pixresteemer!

A doggo post, it's kind of a mood booster before seeing other type of posts :D

Can you imagine how I feel when waking up and seeing those sweet dog snouts all ready for the new day to come and very happy to see me waking up. Every day starts with a lot of good vibes.

Thank you for dropping in and have a great day ahead.

Having dogs requires a lot of devotion and time. Whatever plans you have, the dogs always have priority. 😀

100% true, having dogs is a Way of life. You have to plan around the dogs. Simple as that.

Absolutely. We may have less time for ourselves, we made sacrifices, but never regret. Dogs make the family complete.

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