Everyone Is Out To Get Your Purchasing Power

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Hey JessSavers

Allow me to let you in on something you already know but probably don't realise, EVERYONE is out to get your purchasing power. If you are a productive member of society, you sell your skills either directly or indirectly via products you make. You trade your time and skill and return you're rewarded with a figure you feel is fair.

You then stockpile that currency you earned for your labour and time and trade it with others for goods and services you need. It's an elegant, efficient and simple solution to trading and has given rise to the world we see today.

Unfortunately, not every member of society is productive, and when you're not productive, you either have to live off charity or live as a parasite.

All currency is created equal but creates inequality

Since currency is fungible, it doesn't matter if you acquired it through honest means, printed it out of thin air or stole it, once it's in your possession it's yours to use as you please.

This is where currency creates inequality, while others work for it and give it value by trading and accepting it; others can steal and create at will.

But that is not enough, people will always want more, and this is why they come after your stored purchasing power.


Banks and financial institutions

The first point of contact with money for most of us is the banking system. The biggest collection of snake oil salespeople and swindlers with a licence to do so and take your money at will.

Since we are forced to use their services, they take from us fro every transaction, every month we store money with them, every time we want anything from them. Every time we borrow from them, they take a little more of your purchasing power.

This centralises wealth and gives it to many people who think they are smart but are very much undeserving of the capital. When last did you see a banker actually use their capital to create change? Never, they're too busy enjoying the status quo.


When you invest, you do so knowing you have the chance to lose money. Remember, on every trade there is a winner and a loser and because of this, you won't always win. Yes, there are people whose win ratio is higher than most, but that means there's a large % of people losing.

In a fiat system, the smart money get the information and get to use other peoples capital to trade. The dumb money, the retail investor, is meant to be front run and stolen from, we can see the clear evidence of this by the Ponzi scheme we call a stock market.


In every economy, there are good and businesses, in a good economy, the bad businesses swindle a few consumers and then crash and burn. But in a fiat-based Ponzi economy, they allowed keeping going because they provide jobs. They create massive inefficiencies and cost implications, and since they cannot survive through trade alone, governments and banks backstop them with purchasing power stolen from you.

Scams and Con artists

This one is pretty simple, but not easy to recognise, and many get taken for a ride. They come in all shapes and sizes, but their main goal is to get something for nothing. All they want to do is get you to hand over your purchasing power in exchange for something worth nothing.


The government naturally feels since you were born in an area they govern, or moved there, you need to pay them for the privilege of it. They either nail you through taxes or inflation, both of which is legalised theft that we have normalised and both of which rob from YOUR purchasing power.

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What do you good people of HIVE think? How are you protecting your purchasing power?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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As you know, I protect my purchasing power via BTC, Gold, some USD, and by investing in my knowhow and professional "usability" (e.g. by general reading and pursuing cryptic acronyms like FRM or CFA).

Unfortunately we can’t protect all of it, it’s always going to leak out in one form or another! Like impulse purchases or things like pension schemes that aren’t doing much these days

All we can do is plug up some of the holes and be okay with the ones that we can’t stop

Just a jessy without coffee Today.

No coffee? How will your survive? Mini shark will have to put daddy to bed early

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You see how I priorate in life...

LOL sounds like full holiday mode to me, will you be shooting some reindeer today?

nope. We played Bowling instead.

I admire your reading speed. You read the entire post in less than a minute.

Or just to tired to understand it. 55 second then give My bad English up.

Amazing content. That is really on point and I love how you described the totality of our society and our monetary issues. I totally agree with this that is why it is really wise to think for ourselves and be Financial Literate.
Will be checking more of your contents.
Cheers mate! :)

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Thanks and yes I totally agree financial education is super important I use this blog to actually teach myself more than anything else! I wish it didn’t take me this long to figure it all out or rather not all but the things I have and that they should have taught us this at school I would have been so much better off