I Said YES ... to The Hive Torch

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made by @delilhavores
an initiative by @stayoutoftherz
#Hivetorch Community

Here is what I got passed. I then will add ONE Hive and choose someone trustworthy to send it to who will then add ONE HIVE (No more, no less) and THEY will pick someone to PASS THE TORCH TO! :)


I said YES

And then the moment you suddenly get THE QUESTION ... Do you want to be the next carrier of the Hive Torch?

@battleaxe asked me this question. Told me to think for a minute and read the rules to see what to do. I didn't have to think long. So I said YES ... I just had to think about who I'm going to pass the torch to.

Here we go. I take 162 hive, of course I add a hive and that makes me send 163 hive to @thisismylife. Now it is up to her to whom she will pass the torch on.

A relatively new lady

Why @thisismylife? She joined the hive community not long ago. And after I found some nice posts from her a few times with beautiful dot art, I started following her. We started talking to each other and besides a love for art we have a number of things in common. I got to know her as a lady who wants the best for hive, a lady who knows what she wants and is worthy of the trust to pass on the hive torch to. Perhaps more attention will be paid to her young account this way, and her posts are worth reading.

I have sent the 163 hive, and wish @thisismylife good luck handing over the torch. Pass the torch over Hive.

Hive Is Alive!


If you got passed the Hivetorch to you, increase the amount by 1, leave it as it is, or add anything between 0 and 1. It is up to you. Don´t reduce the amount and don´t add more than 1 Hive - it is not about collecting money.

Send the Hives as soon as possible to someone who is active on Hive and whom you trust that he/she will follow the rules and forward the torch to the next one.
In the transfer, use this Memo
"Hivetorch - Count x - please read the rules at https://peakd.com/hive-147983/@stayoutoftherz/hivetorch"
whereby you increase the count no. by 1 (so if you got the memo with count "23" then put "24" in your memo).

Choose as the next Hivetorch keeper preferably someone who has not yet been selected and inform him/her about the transfer, so that the torch is kept in motion.

You are highly encouraged to create a post about the Hivetorch e.g. on peakd.com using the picture above or any other picture (the picture must contain both a torch and the Hive logo) and the tag #hivetorch. Please post it in the Hivetorch community.

After 333 transfers I will create a poll to let the community decide what to do next (continue, give the sum to a Hive-related project, distribute to minnows, burn it, etc.)


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 24 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Yes, I got it! And yes I will accept the torch :) Thanks for the lovely words <3 Now I will think about who to give it to. :) I think it will be another lady. I will pass it on one of the next days probably, hope that's fine :)

Of course that's fine. No hurry!

Thank you very much for the mention 😊 Hive is on fire!!

Your welcome, yes hive is on fire. Let's keep the torch burning.