Attorney Michael Deane calls for DECENTRALIZATION and a DECENTRALIZED+ LOW TECH ELECTION multiple times

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Another ATTORNEY Michael Deane demands we have DECENTRALIZATION in our elections REGARDLESS OF WHAT PARTY you are in, you MUST submit to higher election security and YOU MUST demand more ALWAYS to secure the voting process.... to call for LESS rules and LESS security for a vote is sedition! Why should we tolerate a non secure vote run by 1 centralized company with foreign owners like Dominion? If this was the vaccine would you trust just one company from the start and never allow any other company to even TRY to make a covid vaccine? #ballots #blockchain #bitcoin

Thats how our election is held... they use 1 company for almost all the states, dominion voting .... and it has major ties to venezuela and huge Chavez.... and China is involved with everyone who wanted Biden elected, there are videos of Chinese professors admitting they "pull the strings of the hunter Biden power structure .

When @realdonaldtrump sees the video of the Chinese Professor gloating aboit Biden victory and how much power he has ....with the applause of the communist Chinese elite students clapping for the idea that China is in control of Biden....... when trump sees that...... hes going to get so mad he might give Taiwan Nuclear Weapons overnight with handoff of some submarines
. Its only fair. I'd also offer India a massive cash incentive and American f22 raptors if they agree to push China from the west. @donaldjtrumpjr