🟣T.E.S.A.R.A.C.T. Telos Economic Security And Recovery Act🟣 10 Billion EOSIO 3.0 Main net Telos Accounts/Wallets for 10 Billion Humans + scaled erc20s on a EVM

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TESARA Telos Economic Security And recovery Act will be the 21st Century Martial Plan for not a reset but a REPYMENT like, WAR REPARATIONS from the Vatican and Dick Cheneys War Criminal Friends, the whole military industrial complex which , is now under the space forces control who wont hesitate to reign lightening down like rods from god. Even Elon can do it imagine what Trumps loyalists have in space forces dummies lol

we are ruling from space so it takes a while to see it on earth

Biblical christian "god" and "angel" talk is just metaphor for the Anunaki, Tall Nordic Ets basically the Vulcans in Star Trek. Operation warp speed is about using holographic healing beds. NESARA National and GESARA global will be liek martial plans using telos and hive and eosio crypto to rebuild the world like they rebuilt europe and japan after ww2
N is for National G for Global. T for Telos Interdimensional Economic Security And Recovery Act for Cyber Space



What have you been smoking?

Where can I but TELOS?