Bankrupting Future Generations

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Hey distressed Jessies

Every time I turn on the fintech news, all I hear is some form of borrow, borrow, borrow, print, print, print. The economy needs more stimulating then a teenage boy in the 90's when Xena Warrior Princess would come on TV. Yes, you know what I'm talking about, don't shy away from it now.

The number of bank reserves being created to purchase debt instruments and the need to continue lending to create new money is at an all-time high. Everyone who is anyone is feeling the pinch is calling for bailouts of companies, the forgiveness of loans, free money sent directly to your account.

All we hear is how we need money now, it has to be done now, but we're not talking or thinking about the future. Why think about the future if we're not going to be around to see it right? The things we're doing now won't be an issue for 10 - 15 years but 100s of years.


A bottomless pit of debt dispair

There's not much I agree with when it comes to Greta Thunberg, but that loveable Swedish meatballs rant about promises of endless economic growth was spot on. I'm all for the improvement of the lives of all of us, a better society, where abundance can be spread, but not at the cost of other people.

We've lived that for too long, where others are marginalised for the gain of a few that plead ignorance of innconce. We complain about the rich, the rich countries, the totem pole of who is on top of who, but we're doing the same thing to the next generation.

Born to be broke

As someone who was born in apartheid I always felt like hey I didn't ask for this shit by birth and I feel its going to be the same for the next 3 generations. They're going to have to pay off this debt should we continue with this system, theyr're going to have to live well below their means to save money to pay it off and pay for our greed and need for instant gratification.

When I see the call for more free money, I don't see help, I see lip service. We all talk about a better future, giving the kids the next generation a better chance, every time you borrow money on this level you effectively telling those kids, to go fuck themselves.

You're telling them, look we're more important than you, so we're going to live above our means, so you can suffer for it once we're long gone.

Just like kids having to deal with a parents inability o pay back what they borrow, or gambling debts, we're saddling the next generation with more and more debt and saying you'll be fine, you figure it out, even when we didn't.

We're not giving the next generation to the same footing to start from scratch; we're telling them you have to start knee deep in the hole.

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Same about nature, the world in general...

After all,

We don't inherit it from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children

as that old saying goes. Let them live the destruction we give away freely. Whatever. We want Lambo.

I like that over consumption will leave the next generation feeding off scraps and then we expect them to do better than us with less! Yes they have more technology but what about the other costs, there’s a give and take involved and I don’t think the next generation will get a better deal at the pace we are going

Judging by the state of the majority of retired people here now (which is misery for decades), I think we should first meet the consequences of our own generation ourselves. Throwing it all into Next Life's garden seems a bit overoptimistic.

I think you're right, and even though we are going to try and avoid it, it will come back sooner or later, any force in nature can only be held back for so long. It's like a dam if there is no release the pressure builds up and it breaks and we've just kept building the wall bigger but never allowed the dam to release some of the water/pressure once it breaks, there's no stopping it, the flood of insolvency cannot be stopped once it opens which is why they are trying now to keep building a bigger debt wall

Ah...I was wondering who played the water part in the story and by the end of it, I see. But only taxpayers hold the wall and those who can pay the most. To people who have no moral right to these funds.

Absolutely, until tax payers realise the scam they will continue to allow their labour and real value to prop up all the fake value created. I think this is the biggest scam the world has ever seen and since I began to learn more about it, I begin to question even more things I have been taught

I am a Jessie

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LOL looks like you're a committed one with all the hard for issues going on, pretty hard to get onto playing on the chain today

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Imagine a Lot of bank call you, hey i have money for you do you want it, it is complicate because People always took the money and they do not know hoy they país for it in the future.

You make a good point there, if people offer you money many don't ask why they are getting it or what the strings are attached, they're already thinking what the money can buy a car, a home, products,a holiday, this is how debt based money sucks people in and what banks count on

Future generations will definetely not have it easy.

Oh my Xena.... Gosh I can remember her fierce tv performance. I liked her costumes, she was such a fighter haha. She would have been a good president over this corrupted system lol


Lol they're going to have to be 10x smarter then us and hope they learn from the cock up we've created over the last 50 years, I feel for them I really do, i mean if we millennials think we have it bad whts going to be left for them?

She was quite the babe, lol I loved that show, used to tune in every week and yes I am sure she would kick some ass, I wonder what she looks like now :P

I googled. Lucy Lawless. She looks ok for an elderly. She aged nice. I think it is always a surprise to watch the childhood heroes growing old

I'd say she doesn't look too bad, since fading from the spotlight but even if she did we will always have those old Xena episodes to relive again and again, only wish they were in HD :P

Haha, old days... Gosh we were such kids back then

I am a Jessie.

Seriously. I am this time

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LOL what a difference a hard fork makes, turning any and everyone on their head

Been trying to comment a few times here but think the chain is still going through the fork!

You know what you need to do, #keepstacking

Lol as HF days go this wasn't as bad, yes its pretty broken but I've seen worse. I guess don't mind me I'll just be here off-chain stacking somewhere else, TRON farming and shit

Yeah I've seen worse as well, was it HF20 when noone could post for like 4 days as the RC system was introduced?

Have fun in the Tron farm with your trontoshis!

LOL that was a goodie, discord was such a vibe during HF20 there was so much hot tea being spilt, it was better than a Netflix subscription

Haha Discord must have been blowing up! Steemflix?

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