My personal journey ... and how far am I from my goal?

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Struggling to keep my focus

I have no idea which of you will recognize this. But at this time of the year, I'm struggling to keep my focus. And despite the fact that I have set a goal, and unfortunately I am still a long way from it… it is no different this year. And I struggle to keep the focus, hardly a decent blog comes out of my fingers, and I already have the greatest difficulty in coming up with what I will write about one day. It's not because I can't blog about WHAT, on the contrary. There is always something happening. It is partly due to the fact that I use my camera far too little nowadays due to the circumstances that mean that I have far too little variety of environment. And photographing the same environment and subjects every time, I've been doing that long enough.

Lack of inspiration

Oh I do long for a day of great photography without thinking about anything, but the way it looks now… that is still a long way away. And since I also believe that I should use my own photos for a blog. And don't want to fall back on photos that I have used before every time.


Dealing with Corona

When I joined the photo club here in my village last October I thought I had solved the inspiration problem because there would be a lot of gatherings, and of course the assignments that go with it if you are a member of a photo club.

Unfortunately I could not have imagined that we would have to deal with Corona. And that because of the same Corona, all meetings of the photo club would be canceled. There my idea went to get inspiration from the assignments and also the idea of ​​spending a night out with like-minded people who all share a passion for photography. Instead, I was even more on myself than before because now not only was I 'locked up', as it were, but everyone had the same limitations.

And where everyone seemed to think we would get rid of it soon enough, we now seem to be heading straight for a second lockdown. The Corona numbers are on the rise again. Then let's not consider whether it is indeed all so dramatic, or whether something is being held up to us. We are now faced with tightening measures. Tonight new measures will be announced again, and I have also seen news reports that hospitals have to scale down normal care by 25%. Room is again being made for more Corona patients and an upward trend can be seen in the number of hospital admissions by Corona.


The financial goal I want to achieve

In the meantime I still have that financial goal that I want to achieve, but due to the set back that I had earlier due to the joke that someone tried to get into my coinbase account and eventually my pc had to be completely reinstalled, it is not there either. a lot of progress. Where it went so great in the beginning, fortunately, a very slow progress can now be seen after the standstill. Only now I have to get back into the rhythm to write at least 1, but preferably 2 more blogs every day. And what I can earn with that I will also have to invest in a very good way to make sure that I can achieve that goal.

It's getting harder

Where I first hoped to be able to have more than 1000 euros after a year, I will now have to be happy if I have at least 1000 euros at the end of the year. That will be tough enough… I don't want to give up hope. But right now I'm sitting with my hands in my hair, so to speak, trying to get my pretty much paralyzed brain cells back to work.

Look at the bright side

Yet there are also bright spots… as far as you may or can call them bright spots. In any case, I didn't fall back financially. I have been able to avoid having to use my accumulated crypto to pay for the repair of my PC. Which means I still have a nice number of CRO staked… and this is growing a bit every week. I can now invest the hive I earn again to grow again.

Started building my TRON stake again

Also, after I had cashed out all the TRON that I had cashed out last year to be able to buy that new PC, camera and lens, I am now slowly starting to build up a stake again with the little bits of TRON that I still get as a dividend. That's not much, and certainly not what I had or what I would like to see. But hey, every bit helps. However small. Every little bit helps to achieve my goal.

Better something than nothing

So even if it is only 1 TRON, I now save it at least for a week each time and stake it all in at the same time. So that stake grows a little bit every week. And for staking and voting for the TRON representatives you also get voting rewards. That too is very little… but here again applies. Better something than nothing.

glazen bol.png

Wishing for prediction ability

And yes… of course I know that there are people here who no longer want anything to do with TRON. But for me personally it is a way to achieve my goal. I can grow the TRON that I still get every day. And that ultimately yields me more. I wish I had the predictive ability to better estimate which crypto I should buy. But unfortunately I miss that gift completely… and that means that I can only use my logical mind to achieve my goal. And that means that I don't take any risks at the moment. For the time being, achieving my goal is only going to be done in very small steps… and I would like to speed that up a bit. If only I only knew how!

Well, in the end it's all part of the fun… figuring out what to improve, what to change, what to do and what not to do.


I don't want to touch my LEO stake

For example, the Leo stake that I am building up… I don't want to touch that. I want to let them grow because I personally have faith that much more is possible with Leo. Given the developments that Leo has recently gone through, and which are still provided for in the roadmap, I just want to grow that stake, and not use powerdown to achieve my 1000 euro goal.

Right now I have more than a third of the 1000 euro goal

The only thing I know for sure ... is that I do and will continue to do everything I can to achieve that goal. At the moment I can say that if I add up all my crypto, I have more than a third of the 1000 euros… if the value remains the same. BUT… and that's a really big “BUT”, I don't want to fall back to nothing next July. Which basically means that I still have a long way to go ...

The choice which path to take

And that brings me back to where I started my blog. To walk that path, it is necessary that I get more variety of environment, that I get more input, that I can go out again to photograph and so much more inspiration to write beautiful blogs again. Or I must be able to take a completely different path, the path of trading ... but to achieve a lot with that, it is necessary that you can step in with a fair amount ... and the latter, unfortunately I do not have that available.

One month behind schedule

Anyway when I look at what I have now achieved in the past four months… I really can't complain. I have put about a third of the 1000 euros in CRO. I have had the set back so I lost a month completely and earned nothing for my goal. So four months after the start of my personal crypto journey on the way to my personal goal, I am one month behind schedule ... Now hope that I get that inspiration back. That the beautiful photos are taken again, that the good blogs are flying out of my fingers and further ...

Keep believing that I will achieve my goal.


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Very Nice read.

Keep believing!

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Thank you ... I try to!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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