Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 11 - #Jahm 02.21.2021 - 02.22.2021

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Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 11 - #Jahm 02.21.2021 - 02.22.2021.


Greetings to all!

Apparently the burning #Jahm is very hot lol.

Snowdrifts began to melt in the street at a breakneck speed.

I hope my series of posts will not cause global warming.

So that the melting of snow is not so active, from tomorrow I will burn only those coins that I receive in the form of an author's award for this post and a curator's award for your participation in the competition, if you want to make a prediction of the price of the #Jahm coin, or if , you will burn some #Jahm coins and post the screenshot as a comment to this post.

Today, I reset my wallet.

From this moment, the game becomes what it should be, initially.

I think that by burning 1000 coins a day, four days in a row, I was convincing enough.

After all, relatively recently, 1000 coins cost about two hundred bucks, lol.

I am not looking for associates in this matter, I am doing what I want to do.

I can share my voices with you, but I can send them in a different direction.

You can hold on to your coin, or you can burn them, I respect your decision.

But it's always more fun to do something together.

In any case, there are no losers in this competition ...

No, I guess I was wrong, there will be losers when the #Jahm coin soars into the sky lol.

The time for submitting applications for participation in the competition has expired, the clock has struck 21:00 in Kiev.
Today, there are no contenders to win.
Nothing prevents stump from publishing this post.

Today we will see the burning #Jahm.

Author reward: 274.08712667 JAHM

Curation reward: 175.63436184 JAHM for aiovo/re-roninrelax-2021215t93958397z

I will burn 464.74841172 coins!

Jahm Coin Burning Monitor: 4000+464.74841172 = 4464.74841172 Jahm.
In total, we sent 4464.74841172 #Jahm coins to the furnace.

You can see the confirmation of the transaction below.


All #Jahm coins I earn by voting for your comments and for this post will be on fire and sent to @null.

20210212184037 1.jpg

Competition rules:

  1. Submit a comment to this post and indicate the estimated cost of buying the #Jahm coin for tomorrow at 22:00 Kiev time.

  2. The bet is accepted until 21:00 Kiev time.

  3. If your bet is closest to the result of that hour, you are the winner.
    Read about the idea of ​​the competition and the prize pool by following the link to the original post - Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 1 - Jahm.

  4. If you become the winner of the competition, or one of its prize-winners, you undertake to burn at least 1 #Jahm coin, when you receive your reward.

  5. You can vote for this post, or not, at your discretion, but repost is required.

First place - 20% of the strength of my vote #Jahm;

Second place - 3x7% of the strength of my vote #Jahm;

Third place - 7x3% of the strength of my vote #Jahm;

An incentive prize - 10x1% of the strength of my vote #Jahm

The power of my voice Jahm is 1,500,000 coins.

If, in the future, there are two contenders for the first place, or for any other place, I will flip a coin and decide, by elimination, who will take the highest mark.

As a result, you earn the #Jahm coin, which, gradually, due to burning, will begin to grow in value.

Read the competition rules on the first round page Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 1 - Jahm.

Please note, starting from today, that the submission of applications indicating the rates on the Jahm coin will be accepted until 21:00 Kiev time.

Guess the highest cost of the application for the purchase of the Jahm coin at 22:00, 02.23.2021.

I announce the Round 11 open!


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