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RE: Know Who You're Betting Against

in LeoFinance2 months ago

I'm banking on fascist hive token to moon


LOL I think Elon will get there before HIVE does

Always the rational one King of Jessicans. I think I'm going to commit myself to composing my Skramist manifesto during this lock down and hive will be my brainstorming drafting outlet.

I think I've coined the ideology of Accelerationist rationalism as Skramism and I'm working on chapter one. Mutual Fade

LOL I look forward to reading your manifesto, we debate so much about ideologies like socialism and capitalism, why not add some nuance, since we all play in that gray area, i'd love some Skramism

Scratch that participating here bit. Too many fascists

Lol while your stays are brief they are always memorable

Appreciate it, best wishes to you man. Check NYT best seller list 2022 for Skramism