SPINVEST: Passive Investing, Actively Managed!!!

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@underground (aka @spinvest-neo) Used to be Top HODL'er of SPInvest Tokens.
I had been sinking literally thousands of U$D into Steem/HIVE since 5/11/2017 and NEVER CASHED OUT or Powered Down a single cent. I do not even recall sending HIVE (or steem) off platform in any form. Of course I did participate in platform fundraisers and charities, but that is part of being a good little Bee and part of the community. I still considered those INVESTMENTS. I had no regrets!! My only concerns were Future Price Actions.

Then we had @silverstackerUK and SPINVEST. I really, Really Liked this idea and swiftly started converting. My HP SP was powered down to liquid HIVE Steem and exchanged for SPI. I eventually converted nearly ALL and kept buying. He had the fateful HARDFORK from Steem. HIVE Prices plummeted, so I bought MOAR...

Then something interesting happened, SSUK started posting daily SPI prices in terms of HIVE. SPI really never lost any value, in Hive prices OR Fiat. I mean there were down days in Fiat terms, but it basically describes what I call an ascending saw-tooth pattern. Think "2 steps forward and one step back" on average. SSUK's basic operating principles of "Get Rich Slowly", Compounding earnings, and carefully planned and executed moves along with having many good advisers, which are consulted FREQUENTLY, has brought us to this point. See the article here:

SPI tokens UP!

SSUK talks a little about my experiences in selling the VAST MAJORITY of my SPI and it went very, very well. There was only one minor hitch on the SPI end of things, but that has been permanently fixed and like he said, it would take about 20 minutes if both parties were online and working on the withdraw.
My only problem with selling nearly all my SPI and moving it, making a huge killing (just in time for that last BTC over 12k BULL) was that I did not "LOCK IN" all the gains like SPI is so good at. Now SPI cannot lock in "ALL GAINS" but the club has pretty much found a way to lock in MOST of the gains, and this is versus HIVE (extremely good) and versus BTC (very good) and ever versus FIAT. Yes, SPI keeps moving up versus Fiat, in the long term. If you can call 17 months "LONG TERM" but SPI started in a Bear Market, soared thru 2 bull markets and we are in our third BEAR. 🐻🐻🐻

You might think I am having a bit of Sellers Remorse...

you might be correct!


I just wish I was as good at locking in my Gains as old Mr SPINNY! I did not fall back, but I did not retain all my earnings. So I am working on a new plan, using things I have learned as a member of SPInvest...
I can strongly endorse Spinvest as a viable crypto investment tool. GREAT for the small timer!

Ghost-written by @underground; @spinvest-neo

(disclaimer: all coin mentions are incidental to the interview, the interviewee and the daily author, always be sure to DYODD before investing or reallocating other coin... Mentions here are NOT endorsed by SPInvest, the club or any associated accounts.)

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I'm almost 100% sure in your new plan there will be SPI included again. After all it really is a good investment.