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Hive and Hive-Engine are doomed, IMO. Aggoed is spinning it for PR. I understand that, but I am doubtful we will get an Audit (independently) of what really happened.

...the P2P system would have prevented this...


It pains me to say that, because I have at least one good friend on that team, his name was dropped in the article because he's a good guy and everyone knows it. The man dropped over 10k into Steem at $1 and is pouring his life into this. There are also some good folks on the Steem Engine Discord, they work hard and are very efficient.

The Hive may have been returned, but maybe the next attack will take something more attractive, like LEO. I'm in LBI which will soon be more secure when it is diversified like SPI is. SPI is safe, very safe. @silverstackeruk and company have the assets off chain. LBI will soon be like this, but I still fear for LEO. Not all of LEO would be stolen, but any is too much...

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LEO's standalone second layer is already in testnet. If an attack would've happened on LEO through Hive-Engine's incompetence, we would have accelerated our release of LEO's standalone layer.

Regardless, hopefully HE stays alive long enough for us to properly stress test and build out our second layer. We're likely to launch it into public testnet soon and will quickly move from there to production once several audits occur.

Once this happens, LEO will be securely stored on a second layer. The operations will be handled by more than a dozen nodes who confirm side chain blocks solely dedicated to LeoFinance operations.

This is bullish for us for a number of reasons but more importantly, it removes the risk that HE poses to all of us.

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Whoa let’s see if I can find what happened. I haven’t heard about anything yet!

thats why alot of people are jumping back on steem.
once again the sheep will be left behind til the very end

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LOL yes!

I bought a bunch of steem and am a Dolphin again ;)


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I don't understand all the complexities in this. So i can only speak on for the bitcoin myk project stakeholders. We're multi-chain so if you feel a bit uneasy we have an offline wallet you can use our gateway to transfer coins to and store them there except when you're actually trading on hive engine. I like hive engine i hope everything works out. However if you wish to protect your accounts or have a token on hive engine you can protect in this way you should certainly look into the bitcoin myk project

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I like the MYK Project!


Hive is talking about increased inflation again, or some stupid schizzz
Make a PLAN and STICK TO IT!! (hive) they keep F'ing the Dog

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