Milton Friedman Discuss, Defend and Articulate Freedom, Free Markets and Their Worth For 9.5 Hours | Summarized in 20 Minutes

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In my eyes Milton Friedman does not live up to the level of a true master like Ludwig von Mises or even that of Murray Rothbard. But he was a man of reason, sensibilities and a true defender of freedom, personal responsibility and economic prosperity achieved through curtailing the power of the authoritative rulers and bureaucracies they create.

Bob Chitester & Palmer R. Chitester Fund

According to Wikipedia, this was founded by Bob Chitester, using start-up money provided by a number of charitable sources and named in honor of his father. It is now called Free To Choose Network and the material they freely provide to educated the masses is phenomenal. They are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year.

Free To Choose Network is a 501(c)3 global media company, producing thought-provoking documentaries and online series endorsing personal, economic, and political freedom through its production company, Free To Choose Media. Programming began in 1980 with the production of Milton Friedman's landmark series Free to Choose. Over the ensuing three decades, FTCN has produced more than 500 hours of intelligent, thought-provoking documentaries for public television and the weekly online series, Dead Wrong.

I know that 500 hours is a lot of content. I also know that what Milton Friedman has done in his documentaries are stuff of legends that get repeated over and over at so many different places. You may have already seen parts of these 10 episodes and roughly 9.5 hours of content. Now I present them to to you in full context as they were originally released ages ago before many of us were even born.

Free To Choose 1980 - Vol. 01 The Power of the Market

The immensely popular demonstration of capabilities of fee markets described using a pencil actually comes from this very first video released. If you see the video shared around, now you know where to send people for the full source.

Free To Choose 1980 - Vol. 02 The Tyranny of Control

Free To Choose 1980 - Vol. 03 Anatomy of Crisis

Free To Choose 1980 - Vol. 04 From Cradle to Grave

Free To Choose 1980 - Vol. 05 Created Equal

Free To Choose 1980 - Vol. 06 What's Wrong with Our Schools?

Free To Choose 1980 - Vol. 07 Who Protects the Consumer?

Free To Choose 1980 - Vol. 08 Who Protects the Worker?

Free To Choose 1980 - Vol. 09 How to Cure Inflation

Free To Choose 1980 - Vol. 10 How to Stay Free

Let's Have The 10 Episodes Summarized

Many of you are probably already familiar with most or if not all if these matters discussed. In this day and age of instant gratifications with so many things to do, I understand that people can be too reluctant to watch 9.5 hours of content even though they are the best beginners guide to economics in video form I have seen to exist during the last 40 years.Thus comes the summery:

These words and videos have the power to change the world and you won't find much of it taught in universities or schools. When economics is being taught or when someone comes to you wanting to learn a thing or two about economics, share them these gems backed by principles that can stand the test of time and the changes of the state of the world (and even beyond - when we go multi-planetary)

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Miss curation but I am going to try to find time for all of this when I have a good open weekend or something, thank you for preserving history.

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I only curated. It was Free To Choose Network that made and preserved these materials. What I actually did help preserve was Vajracchedikā Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra (Diamond Sutra) by putting the best English translation I could find on the blockchain.

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