Dominion sues My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell for $1.3B over election claims + Dr.SHIVA SPEAKS: Rebellion in Massachusetts! Republicans Learn How the MA GOP Runs #DirtyElections

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Dominion Voting is NOT 1 person 1 vote? Why arent we systematically arresting & executing all Dominion Employees for Federal Electiin Fraud & Treason?

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imagine thinking this guy has a billion dollars or would ever pay or show up to this bullshit lol he will never pay and he will have thousands of armed patriots protecting WHEREVER he wants to live, No one is ever going to touch Mike and he will end up making so much bitcoin as will trump. they are trying to turn off their bank accounts yo "punish them"

when in reality turning off bank accounts, or mis using the legal system, just causes billions to exodus the system and you LOOSE all political capitol

Master stroke from trump

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Trump is a genius for forcing these monsters to act EMotionally and MIS USE the machinery of Law and Government for petty political tit for tat games. It shows the world how corrupt America's System is and allows us all a MORAL ETHICAL high ground to say NO to all forms of government we dont vote for. We are all armed and if the left wants to keep pushing, theyll get a sort of Pinochet fascism. And thats not happening. We are going into BLOCKCHAIN

Even if trump disappeared into the ether we would never need to worry again. BECAUSE there IDEOLOGY of Blockchain and Decentralization is here and people are simply INCENTIVIZED to SELF EDUCATE ina way we NEVER had to do before


Apparently is legal to steal elections however exposing the corruption is not...

That's right.

lovely to hear you help someone travelling great project