Luke Stokes says if trump joins Hive, people will have to buy HIVE no matter what to downvote or upvote his posts. We will see which political party has more Bitcoin haha then it gets scarey for democrats as Trump becomes Joseph Stalin

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@lukestokes Wouldn’t it be fun if Trump starts posting on $Hive and all the haters come out in force to flag him while all the MAGA’s come out in force to upvote him. Token buying spree ensues as they fight for influence. Token holders rejoice. Could be beautiful.
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i predicted this years ago ... Luckily and i got Trump's National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn's sister on Steemit and thus Hive

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Lmao as much as I try to serve as the conservative liaison for Hive. There is slim to none chance Trump will join.

He seems to have expressed ideas to build his own site and tbh he has the platform to do so.

Funny how you decry being flagged by another user for personal reasons but seems you would have no scruple w others flagging this man you apparently dislike.


Ok walking this back a bit. Could be wrong but I had perceived you to be an IDpol kinda dude based on past posting. Maybe you don't hate Trump but I reckon you do. Feel free to correct me if not.

Also, I think Luke, like his kumbaya ideology, doesn't have a grasp on the situation to be perfectly frank. He's an ok dude but his coexist mentality doesn't understand group distinction and in-group preference that it exists.

Perhaps, he most high-faluting and disconnected form of libertarianism. We must understand the differences between people groups to live in peace. Not act as though they do not exist.

I’d love them to join HIVE it would be amazing to see all the traffic he brings the site both in praise and hate would make for awesome banter