Voice.com just removed my post about racism on twitter. VOICE IS a FRAUD. OR they can apologize and pay me in damages for the money i would have made off that post and the network effect it would have created

in InfoWars •  11 days ago 


I think its time for a class action lawsuit against voice.com

they are obviously not working for humanity

they like @elgeko said are NOT working for us... he warned me... the sala gang is not working for us they just want to censor us now

and they are obviously working with twitter

they make a tweet from some shit called "axios" lol and then they prevent us from tweeting about it


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What did the post say exactly? Just curious. I do wholeheartedly agree that people should be able express their ideas freely but cancel culture has been trying to inject the notion that free speech is too dangerous and thus should be regulated. To me, that's some bitch ass shit. If you want to defeat an idea, you do so with facts and logic. Not through censorship.


I mean think we both understand criminality is determined by a multitude of factors, some external but some of them internal. Media influence in the culture plays a huge role.

The people that try to blame it all on sociological factors are not looking at the entire picture. Not to say that is what he meant but we see the same reductive reasoning being pushed by the media and politicians all the time.

Straying away from 'natural law' (common law, kinda), and establishing 'lawfare', has a lot to answer for.

Intellectualism has replaced morality based systems. (to the detriment of the masses, big time).

Voice.com are COWARDS

GREEDY COWARDS who do NOT want to give us free speech, they just want MONEY from RACIST advertisers! Advertisers who wanna sow racial divisiness!


Test if comments work

Public Posting should be "publicly commented"

Great place to post your rebuttal, @ackza
Welcome to HIVE INFOWARS and cryptowars.me !!


Isn't voice centralized af?

Wankers! lol

Lol, as if you should have expected anything else.
Control freaks gonna control,...

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!