We All Live In a Concentration camp, concentration camp, concentration camp

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cal IBM call IBM cal IBM ...bag n tag......pay people crypto chips to get a virus......

Sung to The Beatles Yellow Submarine

Lol america can't help itself when it comes to segregation , be it racial, or medical

I'm surprised we haven't seen people "bug chasing" so they can just get free welfare and Heathcote and live in "corona villes" suburbs they will have to build for corona "victims" who will create an industry of faking corona virus tests so they can get all the benefits without having the virus.

Hahaha Punishment for people caught faking the virus? It will be getting the virus itself hahahaha thats how they'd do it in North Korea or Russia or China or some emotionally rules country

Ok back to serious world

Hah we WILL see people INCENTIVIZED to get dick and die its fucking insane. We do need a basic national Healthcare grid of some sort we cant have fucking nothing . Homeless people are literally dying in the streets now , the hospitals turn people away here in san diego, UCSD and Mercy Scripps hospital the corrupt catholic hospital that was caught doing organ harvesting. That place is fucking scarey and needs to be torn down. These hospitals literaly turn away sick people and are for profit organ harvesting facilities and need ro be taken out by the military. We can have better hospitals

We can fire all the healthcare industry that put us in this situation

To spend trillions on heakghcare the way we do, and on homeland security, and to not have ability to stop a little virus when we were able to shut everything down after 911 is stupid... we are a fascist nation why can't we handle a simple task? And don't tell me we aren't fascist, we are, i grew up during 911 ... maybe some of you weren't like even in the country during 2001 and 2003 Iraq war to see what i saw but I WILL MEVER FORGET the Israeli attack on 911

Youtube core of corruption DANCING Israelis

MOSSAD needs to be tried as a terrorist organization for WHAT IT DID on 911

Ammons is an Israeli telecom.company Guilty of spying on us intelligence and fbi and they were caught and th

amdocs is an Israeli telecom.company Guilty of spying on us intelligence and fbi and they were caught and they were in control of 911 and they said nothing to our people

The Israelis orchestrated 911 to get America to invade Iraq. This is fact. Iraq was israelis biggest threat

End of story

Israel is probably behind covid since they were behind 911

Watch the yoitube documentary core of corruption

There's nothing anti septic about this. I'm Jewish like everyone in America is, so we can talk about our own people and Israel. Israel needs ro be stopped . Just like america. They're both evil.fascist nations. The end. Don't say I'm fufking against Jewish people when I actually am one , hah, cant fuck with me u morons

I will tell the truth forever

Israel was behind 911 and must apologize for this act of barbarism with the us military who killed millions in Iraq

Sure governments and nations do this throughout history but not us.... we are better... we were not supposed to do that

Bad dick Cheney BAD missed BAD israeli intelligence BAD DOG

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