What Your Love Is

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Everyone must have felt it. Among us, we call it an expression of falling in love. A feeling that makes a person float because of his love. But not a few also love makes you fall, fragile and even so extreme that it can make people jump from the highest floor building.

Love is an attitude, a character orientation that determines the personal relationship with the world as a whole, not only towards one "object of love". If a person loves only one person, and does not care about the other, this is not love, but "expanded egoism".

Love actually does not depend on the object. A person who loves just waits to find the right object, is like a person who wants to paint, but he doesn't want to study painting, just waiting to find a good object to paint. Even if he is an expert at painting, any object will look good and beautiful. Likewise love. If you are a lover, any object will be easy to love.

Be careful with immature love, or symbiotic unity. Unbearable feeling Due to alienation and detachment, giving oneself completely becomes part of the other person who leads it. Love like this is still not ripe.

Mature love is when the loved one and the one who loves need each other, so one but still two, so that they are different but still mutually reinforcing. That is what is called ripe love.

From here it can be our turning point in terms of love, especially the problem of love. Because in essence, love is loving. Don't fall in love, but build love. So don't demand to be loved, but be a lover by loving everything.

Immature love has the principle, "I love because I am loved"
Mature love the principle of "I am loved because I love"