Not Cute! (First Part in the Series of ERIS)

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I've been reading a lot lately about the blowback on the disaster of a Netflix pushed movie, "Cuties". Cardi B's antics also have coincided in a bad way to shine a light onto the not so nice aspects of womanhood. It got me to thinking about toxic femininity and how it plays out in ALL our lives. Whether it be the perpetually energy draining neighbor or the highschool "friend" who smiles at you whilst holding a dagger behind their back or the "it" girls who think you belong at the dork table, there is no doubt that the hand that rocks the cradle can be the hand that rocks the world. (not in a fun way either) I've learned to put boundaries up especially with the neighbor who has learned that every time I'm out homesteading that equates to meaning I want to talk for hours. It's okay to be cordial and put up boundaries, it really is. Sometimes the most loving thing one can do is stick up for themselves and others and NOT be okay with being a doormat. WAP is not empowering, it's demeaning. Op/ED

The dark side of women isn't discussed nearly as much as the dark side of men. I am going to change that at least on my blog because when Cardi B. is inspiring a new generation of children and openly admits to drugging,allegedly raping/doing sexual acts with minors and robbing men/boys.....something in the whole "Sisterhood Movement" is very, VERY wrong. WAP is breaking records globally and historically and it highlights sexuality which isn't in itself a bad thing but the way it does it cheapens it to a whorish debacle that countless children have been exposed to which leads me to...... "Cuties".


Netflix jumped the shark bad with this one. I won't watch it and have read enough other posts and seen screenshots on this shittank of a film to think it's pretty funny timing that WAP and Cuties coincide and are supposed to be somehow empowering. I don't find playing weak empowering nor do I find preying on children okay AT ALL. It's disgusting and the extremist SJW's who defend this slop and are making videos how it's okay to be 10 or 11 and hot are freaking normalizing pedo behavior. Cardi-B admitted to doing things that if a MAN did it , she'd be in prison but the double standards exist that women can't be predators. Women just hide it better usually and thow bows and glitter on it and pretend they are not capable of being dark and Erisian in all the wrong ways.

not all "BAD" women are bad, in fact some are just rogues and that's okay too but sometimes lines gotta be drawn and not talking about Cocaine ones or knitted arts and crafts one either. Be yourself and the right types will come, I myself am gonna hit where it hurts, in the wallet. Netflix is going to not be getting one more red cent from me and that's that.

Sidenote, I invested several hundred dollars in Hive and am active in a lot of communities and trying different front ends to see which ones get the most interaction etc.... I feel like the POWER of this platform is the variety of niches you can choose from. There are at least 4 Communities I have that are dormant FOR THE MOMENT but am planning on getting them going again as time permits.

They showcase my rather bent/warped sense of humor and fantasy and include #okayboomer #thehood #sportsball and am admin for #pirateworld which isn't mine but am in there so don't blame me if your parrot gets drunk or you wake up and Lizzy the Bar Wench inked you up good which actually would be an example of toxic femininity. We go hard at Toxic Men and the spork cuts both ways. Thanks for reading and appreciate any and all Positive support and more to come!


giphy and accurate deepfake of me courtesy of @inertia (Someone to support imho as basically everyone enjoys his work, ever used BANJO? for a start ;) )


There are really countless examples of 'toxic women'. You often do not have to look further than in your own 'circle of friends' where usually one or if you are unlucky several very jealous ones. Women with TOO much temperament are also not what you are looking for, those unguided missiles that at the slightest lash out like an idiot. Someone who is always 'victim', and does not take any action on her own actions, literally sucks your energy away, and can therefore also be called very 'toxic'. Someone who always wants to make herself look better by putting herself off to someone else, constantly putting the other down is also not very pleasant to have around you often. Such a woman should learn to stand in her own power and not rely on other women to make herself feel better. Well, I can say a few more things ... but the point is clear. There are TOO many examples of 'toxic women'.

And you are absolutely right ... THAT could also be highlighted more because women are not always as sweet and cute as they often want to pretend to the world. That is not bad in itself, but if they also turn out to be 'Toxic', it becomes a different story.

So men ... be warned.

wow , that alone could be a post for real, yes you're right....I feel like the timing of WAP and "Cuties" coinciding is like some sick game. A game I have no intention of playing and you are most right about your astute op/ed, like I said, this could stand alone as a post, it would make more than the 2.88 of my last post , lol, my joke is called "Tree FIddy",, if posts aren't making tree fiddy then I stop all activity and just daytrade, invest and do podcasts speaking of which ;).........

self uv after spending some hundreds on investing in HIVE as I am slated for a show and a few other things so figure if am spending the time and money am going to throw myself a bone instead of doing everyone else favors, see that's my positive female assertiveness at play, not time for the things you deftly pointed out my friend, HIVE ON :) love to see how things change and evolve, nothing wrong with a little sugar AND spice or whiskey!

Well I'm sure your post deserves more then a "Treed Fiddy". Wish I had more value on my vote to give you. And yeah ... you actually gave me an idea to write a post about because it is for sure a topic that needs more attention if you ask me ... 😉

I agree but I also know how this game works and as mostly an investor and someone with a voice , the ol' "you're not with us" shit doesn't work. This is decentralized and people are free to be as weak or strong as they want, we can build our own worlds on here or not.
The power is with the user and if they want to do good or bad or be a sheep who lumbers along, People cheer on some who preach it but for others it is what it is but I never doubt nor budge when it comes to some things and am very glad it inspired you, THAT is PRICELESS

WOW This deserves BIG UPS
but I divested most of my HIVE just as you are investing...

Yes, we know that on rare occasions even women are indulging in predatory sexual behaviors.
My question is this: Where were these women when I was a young Lad??? 🤩 it is really not funny but serious. We used to have a saying "you can't rape the Willing" but then again, even that has limits... it's not so fun any more, in this current culture.
ROCK ON, @battleaxe! Toxic Femininity, is it really a thing??? Ask Mr. OWL

women play dumb bunny and hustle men all the time , or act one way and plot another, it goes on here and goes on in that thing called reality, guess this post struck a chord if the fact I call out "Cuties" doesn't get more replies and a post on tomatoes brings all the women out to comment
what does that say about the entire point of this post
IT IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE, so many have their heads up their asses not realizing if they used their brain more and actually did things maybe the world wouldn't be a fucking cesspit
it's women that have babies afterall, where's the weight of the societal meltdown on all the chicks who raise the men that make up like 80% and up of fatherless criminals in the system?
I'll wait for the replies to just come pouring in but they won't because most women will worry more about a stupid ass hair accessory then actually getting off their asses or their blogs and doing anything rl about it.


It's strange, to me, how we still have such a differentiation between the sexes. I mean, obviously, there are differences, and I'm not talking about the physical ones anyway. Anyone in the world can fuck up and the consequence should not be based on whether that person was male or female. Likewise, great people are not limited to either sex.

We're a strange species.

telokanda for africa and global south...infowars for conspiracy theorists etc and theres ALOT and hive alone is good enuffor them..telos and eos is a great backup throw steem and golos in and u have unstoppable information networks

hehe the ACKZAVERSE, i liked the graphics of all your worlds coming together,

HIDE YO KIDS! Creepers be creeping in plain sight and NOBODY DOES ANYTHING.

is always in plain sight or people who fight abuse who are abuse like the news always bustin the scout leaders and stuff 'doing good'
The Devil can come wrapped in a lot of diff packages that's for sure