Big tech Looses BILLIONS on Censorship

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The big 4 tech companies, Twitter wishes but they just are too small and insignificant to shift the terminiology to the Big 5.

Even now the market is showing signs of a heavy downturn on tech stocks, days after the big 4 decided to drop a heavy hand of censorship over their competition Parler. The owner of this account was just registered on Parler, and now can not access the domain at all to share our content and Hive promos there. When it is back online it will be the only place other than Hive you will find our content.

We would invite everyone to look at what censorship will do to your company's public image.

Still Loosing Money 3 Days Later

3 of 4 Big Tech Companies have Lost Billions this Week Censoring Parler & Donald Trump

Apple Inc
AAPL as of Jan 12 4:00 PM ET Markets are closed
128.80 -0.18 -0.14%
More at NASDAQ Data by Xignite

Alphabet Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class C
GOOG as of Jan 12 4:00 PM ET Markets are closed
1746.55 -20.17 -1.14%
More at NASDAQ Data by Xignite

Facebook Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A
FB as of Jan 12 4:00 PM ET Markets are closed
251.09 -5.75 -2.24%
More at NASDAQ Data by Xignite

The only of the big 4 not still loosing money since their decision is Amazon, who did the most damage to Parler single handedly. The India expansion is amazon's largest focus, so it was surprising to see such a large risk taken by the world leader in web hosting.

Truly a sad day to be a free speech advocate and We will continue to cover privacy controversy as we see it come to light on topics that Hive users care about.

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if they'd only come over to hive :D


They deserve 10x times larger drop

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