PROPAGANDA WATCH⌚ January 17 & 20 Protests to be Photoshopped by ANTIFA to Show Patriots Causing Damage to Monuments they Cherish

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Typical cultural marxism, using the culture against itself. The ANTIFA boiler room threatening this is not very well source, so who knows how much BS we will see. They will also be abusing Q Anon on 8Chan, via their own media being Photoshopped.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for news that is not coming from the major 16 NEWS media outlets in America that donate to the Democratic Party, because democrats have seemingly shown a bias towards a common enemy with ANTIFA and for selfish gain are supporting these procommunist values in North America.

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It will be a full out photoshop attack on patriots by ANTIFA. I am saying this as a neutral party who is curious about these kind of events in cultures around the world. Being of Ukrainian descent there is also a part of me that expects things can be MUCH worse than they already are, after all my family travelled halfway around the earth to avoid the persecution of the Russians in ancient communistic times.

I hope, as a non religious person, that I never have to live under the thumb of tyranny EVER again.