COVID-19 is a gendered crisis.

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So here we have it. For feminists and senators of the green party mens lives are worth less than nurses overtime.

But then let's be hones, for feminists mens lives are worth less then dirt. Tell me again that feminism isn't about hating men?

And of course anyone who disagrees with her inhuman and misandrist statements is just a _troll_.

Those _trolls_ are also the silver lining here. Almost all comments reminds her hat more men die. Only a few comments are in support.

PS: Every 10 days a man in Australia is killed by his wife or female spouse and lesbian women in Australia kill at a higher rate than heterosexuals (both men and women).


Something that men need to learn

Men love women. Its like hardwired into our DNA. To hate a woman has to go way past annoyance. Men will even commit suicide over a relationship before they will hate a woman.

But women have a love/hate relationship with men.
They do not love men like men love women. They love men like men love a car. While its good, clean and reliable, there is love. When it starts burning oil, the love often leaves.

They hate being the weaker sex. It really grates on them. (although they like that this gets them out of doing the hard stuff.)

They literally look at men as utilities. And can take them or leave them.

The most evil thing a woman can say, and if men believed the words being uttered, a lot of men would commit suicide.

"I don't need no man"

Men need to be needed. So, after hearing that, if they actually believed it (how many women electric line men do you know?) they would go off and be a hermit, or just check out of their meat suit.