1984 Has Officially Hit BAFTA Gaming Awards For 2021 With Forced Criteria That Has Nothing To Do With Artistic Merit - It Could Be A Mere Test Run For Bigger Things To Come

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Most people will not expect to read this type of news from anything other than a satirical news publication like The Onion. Too bad we are living in a total clown world where art is forced to become political activism to win any awards. I can say nothing more than saying Ayn Rand truly became a prophet. For the uninitiated, BAFTA stands for British Academy Film Awards. It was founded in 1947 and it has nothing to do films, art or video games anymore.

The Standards Have Arrived

You Are Not Even Free To Market As You Please (If You Want Any Awards)

Some of you probably skimmed through the material. The first part (Standard A) is your typical forced pandering and "woke" ideology. The next two (Standard B & C) are all the things you have been seeing in regards to workplace, leadership, hiring practices having various biases that trample o meritocracy etc. These same old cancerous ideological things have now been formalized for BAFTA 2021.

Normally we are not used to seeing marketing practices even get factored into awards. These "thought leaders" would have lied through their teeth in marketing if it meant selling few more copies/tickets. Being "woke" was treated as a way to potentially get more sales. These steps have miserably failed. What they are now trying is doubling down instead of accepting defeat. It's like a dictator forcing people to buy their books when they fail in the free markets. I have a feeling that this is just a mere warm up and a test run.

The Strategy of Starting Small & Spreading It Gradually

  • Despite making billions, video games are not treated as a high art form like cinema
  • There is relatively less attention being given to game awards compared to movies
  • Video game creators are now given expectations of having to cater to similar standards
  • History has repeatedly shown that people can be trained for a "New Normal"
  • This will come to Academy Awards (Oscars) within the next few years

A Small Dose of History

A Full Lecture By Rochelle Gutiérrez


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What a bunch of shit, making developers look to make sure the secondary characters are not biased against? I mean come on, give me a damn break. They are a secondary character! If everyone had primary stories it would be impossible to develop a game lol. Bunch of damn snowflakes that are getting pandered to. I get the need to fight people who are assholes but you also have to have things that are realistic. No one in this world is a saint.

Just try to imagine what it would be like to develop games like this. I do have a feeling that this will eventually come to movie productions as well. These people don't get the feedback given by people's wallets.

That's the best feedback we can give them, stop buying their shit and they will get the hint!

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