Finding hope in nature once again

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We call what is natural in animals misery in humans.

Early walks

This morning I was walking my dogs again early. In the Netherlands we are again going to a heat wave and today it is expected to be around 29 degrees. That means to me as a dog owner that I go out early to give the dogs their long walk without panting like crazy in the heat, and maybe even burning their paws on the asphalt ... With a temperature above 25 degrees it is always wise as a dog owner to ensure that your four-legged friends do not get their walks in the heat of the day. Simply because a dog cannot sweat like people to cool down, so they are at high risk of overheating due to an active walk during the hottest hours of the day.

I don't want an overheated dog

Of course I don't want to experience this… and it is easy to solve. Just get out of bed earlier and go for a walk with your dogs. In addition, it is also much nicer for me to walk cool in the relative morning and be active ... so that I can also take it easy in the hottest hours of the day without having to worry that my dogs still get their exercise .

Now it's a bit different

And normally that works fine! Only because Lana is in heat it works a bit different now. Normally all dogs are wonderfully quiet on such hot days, But now Skipper is and remains very stressed. Poor guy! Not even two years, since February here in the pack and already undergoing Lana's second heat without being allowed to do what he wants to do. The guy's really struggling with it.

Skipper is much more masculine this time

The first time he experienced it, he had just completed the move of his previous owners and was of course a bit younger. He was then even more of a big puppy as an adolescent. But now he has grown a bit in his masculinity because of that first experience and he is really an adolescent, which makes this second period of time extra difficult for him, for Lana, but also for me. Because Skipper really feels like a lot more man now, he is also much more determined to get what he wants. And what he wants ... that's LANA. And he absolutely is not allowed. Poor Lana is now 10 years old and I fear that she would not survive such a brutal attack on her body in two ways. So where I usually believe that you should let nature take its course ... in this case I do everything I can to stop nature. And that is not easy with a determined young male!

Search for a natural remedy

In order not to fall completely from my faith, I once again searched the internet. Because I still believe in the principle that nature can offer us everything we need. And I also found something.

Pure Hypersex - Pure Sex Drive

Pure Hypersex is a supplementary feed for dogs, cats and rabbits. Specific to the male sex of these animals: male dogs, male cats and rattles. It contributes to the reduction of bothersome and excessive sex drive and can also be used for redness of the foreskin caused by hypersexual behavior .. And that is exactly what Skippyboy is dealing with right now. Now I understand that it is extra difficult because there is a bitch running around who smells very nice to him… and which manages to get his hormones driving him crazy. She is also a pretty girl, of course.

Testing time

But no matter that I completely understand the nature of the dogs. Skipper has te become relaxt again! So I decided to order and test this completely natural remedy. I can't do a better test than now, can I?

Let's just hope nature doesn't fail on us

It is composed of various natural resources such as Extracts of Hop (Humulus lupulus), Milk Thistle (Carduus marianus) and Monk Pepper (Agnus castus). Diluted extract of true marjoram (Origanum majorana). And then 35% alcohol to make it all absorbable for the pet. It should be given to the dog 2 to 3 times a day. 10 drops maximum at a time and best it is sprayed directly into the dog's mouth BEFORE his meal. This is because the drops are best absorbed through a clean oral mucosa.

I don't like to intervene in the dogs nature

I am not someone who immediately intervenes in animal behavior where it is not necessary. I am also not someone who wants to neuter / spay / neuter a dog immediately if that is not necessary. And because I am very reluctant to have Lana undergo an operation at her age that costs a lot of money ... I want to try to make these periods easier for everyone and to influence Skipper's behavior better. Finally, he must also be able to learn that not every bitch is to breed.

I prefer not to castrate a skipper for various reasons. Yes I can keep the dogs apart, luckily we have the space for that. And no, it's no fun ...

Looking at the opportunities realistically

But if I look at the opportunities purely realistically ... then there is the fact that if I have Lana sterilized, we will be rid of all misery in one go. But the surgery is a big risk for her, and she is already 10. How long has she had under normal circumstances? No one can answer this question. In addition, Lana is already a very dominant bitch, which will certainly not improve if I have her sterilized. Now I am not very afraid of that ... but it is something to take into account in the considerations. Incontinence is also one of the risks of that operation and just let our Lana already be a dog that has NO trouble having toilet training WITHOUT surgery. I would therefore rather not see that risk increase than it already is.

Now let's hope that the problem can be solved with a natural remedy

So I hope that this natural remedy helps to remove the sharp edges for Skipper, and that he becomes a bit more relaxed. No, his 'sense' will not disappear completely… I am fully aware of that. And yes, I will still have to keep my eyes focused on the dogs to avoid mating. But if he can relax a bit more through this means, I am already very happy and it becomes more bearable for him, for Lana and for me to get through this period again.

What are the separate effects of this medicine?

The ingredients of PUUR Hypersex have a calming effect in case of an annoying sex drive. Agnus castus (Monk's pepper) has a regulating effect on the hormone balance. Origanum majorana (true marjoram) has a beneficial effect on the prostate. Humulus lupulus (Hop) is a natural anaphrodisiac that softens the violent edges of the animal's lust. Finally, Silybum marianum (milk thistle) also dampens the enthusiasm of a sexually aroused animal.

Hope to get some good photos from each herb soon

This has been briefly described how hopefully this natural remedy will help to get rest in the tent again. As soon as I ever have photos of all the individual ingredients, I hope to be able to describe them all in more detail. Because as usual, each ingredient has many more benefits that can be used in many ways.

For now ... I wish you a nice day and I will be busy with the ladies and gentleman here at home again.




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