YouTube Purge! Cards Against Humanity is Bigoted! Chris Avellone Cancelled! | HBR News 262

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Starting at about the one hour mark: Hannah is right: chaperon have to be reintroduced to overlook all interactions between men and women.

To protect men from false accusations — just like in the 19th century.

Brian is also right: Avoid women. Don't socialise with women. Only do basic work related communication.

Save yourself, go MGTOW

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MGTOW will not save us.

It is the insane belief that if we have done NOTHING, that we won't get punished.

No, the plan is to punish.
But in people's minds they are still innocent until proven guilty.

People need to get with the times.
We are not guilty until proven innocent. (and we all know, should know, that you can't prove innocence)

MGTOW is no longer going far enough.

You know I'm a mens rights activist as well. I know all of that. MGTOW is not perfect but it's the best we got. Don't fall for the Nirvana fallacy.

We are not guilty until proven innocent.

Yes, with #MeToo we entered the time of guilty even when proven innocent.

MGTOW is no longer going far enough.

You know there are MGTOW level? And beyond Level 5 MGTOW (aka MGTOW hermit) there is nothing else you can do.