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A walk under the moon, or another name for this photo collage - Time for reflection, one of my first works, one of my favorites.

The idea to create this picture came to me at the moment when I wanted to clean my computer of unnecessary files, in particular, I wanted to delete those photographs that I considered unpromising. I was very wrong then.

120190717172128 2.png

The mouse cursor of my computer ran across the screen and stopped at the photo, which, in my opinion, was spoiled.

A lot of light, poor sharpness, but, I focused my gaze on the dynamics of this photograph.

An adult rook walked briskly on the ground. I liked this walk and thought it might be something interesting.


Earlier, I took a series of photographs of the Moon from my balcony and this became the basis of the photo collage.


I thought that the clouds would give some atmosphere and volume to the picture.


Next step: I cut along the outline of the rook.


But, then, I realized that I would need a piece of grass.


I thought about the format of this picture 1: 1 and it was a mistake.


The collage was ready, but I felt discomfort, I understood that something needs to be changed.

I realized that I need depth, which this format cannot give me, and I again returned to the photograph of the moon.


So, I gradually came to the finish line.


I decided to create a pond and place the reflection of the rook in it against the background of the reflection of the moon.


The result is a photo collage, which you can consider in two versions: warmer and colder.

Reflections of a raven that walks along the shore of a lake under the Moon, these are my reflections, there is something to think about.

120190717172128 2.jpg

Friends, during these three years I saw how high your creativity is. Collage making is a good reason to show your talents in all their glory.

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For my publications, I do not use stock photographs, it is fundamentally important for me to use photographs that I have made with my own hands for publication and I can name them - authorial work.

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