The Highwire With Del BigtreeWith 174 Videos With Top Level Medical Experts & Whistleblowers Was Wiped Out of YouTube is Back | Show Them Your Support

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Emmy award winning Del Bigtree is IMHO the greatest investigative journalist alive in the field of medicine. I truly applaud and respect his obsessive unrelenting allegiance to truth and nothing but the truth. In my life I had not come across a YouTube channel that could boast the amount of interviews from such a great number of high level experts with decades of experience and whistleblowers coming from very high places of governments and the medical industrial complex.

A Channel of Conspiracy Facts; Not Theories

It's not too difficult to come up with theories if you have an inquisitive mind and good imagination. A huge problem I have with most channels and personalities involved in exposing the "truths" is they lack facts or they become more of performance artists like Alex Jones where true investigation and examination of facts take a back seat. In a way I think this is the reason many educated experts rarely come join these personalities. If there was one person who could topple the medical industrial complex owned media, that was Del Bigtree.

There Are Two Original Videos Left On YouTube

The first one is from the popular Valuetainment channel that doesn't even show up on YouTube search. It has 181K views on a channel with 2.51 million subscribers.

The other ones is a from a little girl named Hanalei Swan. Unlike Greta Thunberg
who act more psychotic than anything, Hanalei Swan is calm, positive and above all, highly intelligent and well informed. Please share the video around as much as possible. She deserves all the support she can get. It is kids like her that we need for our future. has a video announcing a future interview with Del Bigtree uploaded August 31st.

87 Videos Out of 174 Salvaged on BitChute

You Can Watch Highwire Live With Live Chat Features At:

All of these places still have massive problems. None of them are properly Anti-Fragile! We need more robust and decentralized technologies to make sure these vidoes are always available without downtime. is a great solution. We also have and They may not offer all the features of The Highwire is having. But the video will be available whenever they need for viewing or sharing. Even could provide ultra cheap storage solutions.

Opportunity For @theycallmedan and @threespeak

One voice is not going to be able to do much. But if enough people join like the Twitter campaigns, we might be able to make our voices heard. Hive can give instant support with our upvotes and provide a safer and more robust solutions while making a good name for ourselves. So go and make a change!

Consider Donating to Informed Consent Action Network

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