Jamiroquai Qanon Shaman or Navy Super Soldier Droppin' BOMBZ...

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It should be obvious by now that the whole event at the Capital Building was a bit phishy.

Enough evidence abound that it was Antifa is disguise causing shit, NOT Trump supporters.

But who's the dude with the horns...?

Some have said Trump supporter. Some have said Antifa. Propaganda outlets have said "Qanon shaman." Others have said some kind of secret Navy seal.

Well, here surfaces this video where he claims to be NAVY.

Not sure when this video came out. Guessing last March, as he's talking about Easter.

In any case, he lays out the big picture.

Late to the party in getting what Q and The Alliance are, all the actual conspiracies that have been going on, and the massive shifts of power underway as the old corrupt systems are falling to give way to a new, more harmonious, light-based order? This is a good one that covers it all and then some.

Is he legit? Time shall tell. Though he's definitely ain't the only one singing this same song.


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 last month (edited)

It should be obvious by now that everything that has happened for the past year is a bit phishy. But normies havn't grasped much yet!


He will be late to HIVE as well...