Big Tech Cleans House! - Everything We Want You To Think

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It's an act of God, that JP Sears hasn't gotten kicked off YouTube yet...

This latest video of his...👌

Addressing the tyrannical power moves of censorship we've seen this last week, this one is a must-watch.

And given there's no way of telling whether it'll last on YouTube, why not put it to a safe, censorship-free home here on the blockchain...

Long live free speech. On the blockchain. Cuz big tech is fucking killing it everywhere else. 🙌

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It is strange. I couldn't play the video. When it's not the censorship in Venezuela, it's the internet. I will try again later. Greetings

Still on YT:

YouTube reportedly censors videos about novel coronavirus by removal. Is it good or bad?

tyrannical dictatorial censorship ain't good in my book.