The Plot To Steal America

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YouTube's been censoring this one like a muthafucka.

The ball is dropping.

The house of cards is falling.

Truth is emerging.


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A great video,but i think communism is just a sock puppet enemy, pulling the strings are the zionists a level up from all this

While watching the video, I remembered that about one of your publications where you asked questions, I was just asking you who could win the election and you were telling me that Trump. It was so clear at the time. What happened? Many still don't assimilate that victory of Biden. 46? Greetings

What happened: titanic-scale election fraud. That’s being exposed.

Biden had no victory other than the illusory show mass media manufactured.

If you actually watched this entire video and still don’t see it, you will soon enough...

Yes, I know. It was a rhetorical question. What I'm saying is that a sung move, more than questioned, is already assumed by everyone. If the United States accepts this fraud, what awaits other countries that have more fragile democracies? In short, it seems that politics is the same in all countries. Here the left also erases and creates figures. :(

this might bring down the whole house of cards internationally...

the Dominion software that's been exposed wasn't just used for election fraud in the US. Venezuela is another one of the countries it was used as a weapon against democracy. (Canada as well.)

t'is a global operation underway. the ripple effects of the disclosure in America shall reach far and wide, in due time... 🙏

Thanks for posting up this video.

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But this video hasn't been taken down by YouTube. It's right here:

They took it off Trump’s channel. Has popped up on others since.