ITS ALLLIIIVE You can NOW BURN your Post URL and a summary of text into TELOS eosio blockchain by sending 1 KANDA to @eos-peg AND MEMO formatted with TELOSKANDA telosaccount URL text

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Heres a sneak peak at a new system now live thanks to @privex @someguy123 @eonwarped @beggars @holger50 @aggroed and everyone involved in hive-engine because we now have a secret built in feature (about to be connected to the PROMOTED button with a simple SCOT setting and automated MEMO prefixing with the words TELOSKANDA and asking for a telos account OR we default it to telokanda123 or even an account thats locked immutable like eosio or works.decide which no one will touch, we can find simple clever ways to keep hive and kanda posts IMMUTABLE across three blockchains


Learn more inside our discord where you can trigger these without a hive wallet, just using DISCORD telegram twitter or even a github account with @tipitbot

and remember you can do a withdraw and just use a withdraw command from bot inside discord DM the bot, withdraw your kanda to an account called @eos-peg and now just use a memo like this TELOSKANDA telokanda123 URL text and keep the text short but then send that..... you will trigger the privex gateway which has been running autonomously for almost a year lol

and so your post will show up HERE in the TELOS account telokandaone

for example heres one

see the memo? it has our hive url and up to a paragraph or so of text, we will discuss the limits and how to get around them, and the urls of images and how to host them on a IPFS or LBRY style system or Telos DSTOR soon which is a p2p lbry torrent style system but better like dropbox anyway, IPFS is good enough for now ...and already has that

so just use and we can designate telokanda123 or telokandaair as a capture account to take all posts and repost them to EOS and even GOLOS STEEM and BLURT and every other chain possible

social media chains that help people manage the future starts here with the CLEVER EASY CASUAL promotion of our @telokanda posts to BURN on the telos chain as a simple but elegant way to actually interact with telos using a simple easy to use front end

no special crap needed just use the gateway and maybe one day we will display telos memos as posts inside our wallet page in the history by SIMPLY expanding twitter and IG links embedded the way nitrous does now? hah i wish nitrous links themselves showed up al nicely organized and embedded in our own websites. then they COULD show up the way im talking about IN our own walet page and we can even get CONFIRMATIONS by having someone send a token to telokandaone and it makes 1 KANDA on hive show up to whatever wallet as well, just send telos kanda to telokandaone (telos) and use memo formatted like KANDA hiveaccount URL text and you can write URLs into the memo system of HIVE as well! let me demonstrate this as well:


send to telos account: telokandaone

format like that KANDA ackza URL text
and use this

see it worked:
Check transaction at 4961fd6e1bbe6c9b9d614d2e1c5a3116fbca141729ad83962e2ea051276ce52b

now it should show up on hive in my ackza account but lets hope the memo also shows up

and like clock work it shows up nearly instantly or under a min


2020-10-12 10:37:09

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 2424944

From: @eos-peg
To: @ackza

Amount: + 0.99000000 KANDA

Memo: testing ability to post to HIVE from Telos blockchain

there you have it folks, inter blockchain communication at minimal resource costs for each side because telos ram and cpu and network bandwidth is so cheap :) eos is a lil more expensive ok a lot more so hive and tlos can show the world wha were made of

combine this using special nifty memo codes with @bigbluewhale jaque from @atmos ATMOS token and we can really come together here since theyre soon launching their eosio on chain forums on Telos after a successful testing period over the last year with EOS..... reward pools with curation and staking pools with @avral s DEFI pools will all be possible

cnow we need to have our own hive engine walet pages on nitrous updated a little faster so can show us the actual memos sent from telos world through the @privex gateway made by @someguy123 maintained by @cryptomancer i think sorta lol (its workin great recently ) anyway i hope this shows people the true meaning of Christmas, i mean of @telokanda how its more than just a token its a technology demonstrator laboratory

and u can now and always could , send posts from hive to back them up BURN them to telos by using our wallet and gateway with the correct memo formatting, you can apparently do anything lol

so imagine when @eonwarped helps us change the promoted button to lead to @eos-peg and it MINTS some telos KANDA to our own telokanda123 or telokandaair accounts and THAT would be pretty fun....the memo can have the URL which a telos discord bot can then repost to twitter with a @tipitot Campaign automatically paying telos KANDA to whoever retweets or comments the tweet

Promoted posts already show up on the discord automatically thanks to @kandabot which airdrops hive kanda to our discord active users during these promoted post imagine telos transaction IDs in the mix and real smart contract actions on the telos blockchain like locking tokens up and works.decide proposals being written and automatically posted for kanda or telos.

we also can use telos as our own decentralized database for posting anything too important just to trust with Hive alone....hive is great but when combined with the redundancy of telos and golos and eos anddiscord twitter and ipfs and NFTs that become collectible, you begin to create the safety nets airplanes have in the military, they have 3 or 4 redundant backup systems incase multiple go you can always have a system to keep the freedom and liberty going, using multiple blockchains (Thus the basis for @underground telos @infowarslife community for freedom and censorship resistance using THE most bleeding edge alien technology

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