KANDA buyers BONUS!!!

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Clicky da Linky!

@Telokanda is offering a mighty big BONUS of DELEGATIONS equaling 50% of the amount you purchase!

I have high hopes for this community and coin, I believe the infrastructure that TeloKanda has been building is already extremely likely #1 on the Hive Blockchain... Why do I say this? Because it is not confined to the Hive chain, it is not confined to the Hive-Engine trading platform, and it is way bigger than anything else I know about on Hive. This coin will be popping off VERY SOON, please be advised!

KANDA Contest.png

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I really like anything NOT confined to one platform, awesome post

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp

I'm your new best friend, @battleaxe!
48 million INFO and ready to Party!
DO Tell Rum the Party Pirate, OK!


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will do for sure! just now seeing this, yes I am ready to do some infowars posts just gotta juggle the ten million other projects lol, party time

Yes, this is the coming wave, and @ackza is leading it!

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1 !BEER Token for you

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