In search of STABLE RETURNS, part 3

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Before I move forth into my current favorite, *****, I will review what I have been looking for in what I am calling a "stable investment crypto" in some detail. These are the things that I have come to want in my crypto-portfolio, and it seems the market is responding JUST IN TIME!!! I am either too late, or usually TOO EARLY. Too late was good, because I avoided BitConnect (F.U. BCC 😝) but here I am Just In Time for the real offerings by credentialed providers and established coins!

1. SEEKING: a good % return on a crypto position.

To me that means 'better than traditional instruments' like bank accounts, CD's and bonds. The returns here in the traditionals are in the toilet, and the big reset hand is moving towards the handle, ready to FLUSH!!!

2. SEEKING: a likely increase in the underlying asset(s)

That is defined as Coin Price looks to be in a good position to increase against the U$D and other world fiat currencies. As of today, these are down, but it's also time to average down and BUY MOAR!!!



3. SEEKING: safety from the fiat structure, which is crumbling.

CRYPTO is still going to have a lot of Volatility, but so do traditional stocks and everything else in FIAT. Right now I have all my funds out of the fiat s***show, except for those new funds that come in. Plus a remainder for liquidity, ready to go to work. I feel good about this arrangement.

4. HOPING: For a possible MoonShot...

My newest and bestest deals are poised to Run with the BULLS in the next big Leg-UP!


Guest Ghost Writer: @underground; @spinvest-neo


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