SELLING a part of my SPI stake...

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It's a major part, but I will retain majority voting levels (2500 SPI)... I have decided to take some profits on my rather lofty SPINVEST Holdings, I had 13,686.xx SPI Tokens. These have been selling for well over actual guaranteed value in the Hive-Engine Exchange. Hive being kind of stagnant and Bitcoin being very 'price stable' at this time, (recent nice price bump makes this more attractive!) I have decided that it looks like the perfect time to take some of the marvelous profits generated by the foresight of my Good Friend @silverstackerUK and the club as a whole. I will be keeping a "majority vote" in the club, so that means that I will retain at least 2,500 SPI tokens. Which means that 'up to' 11,186 tokens are up for sale. (sold 1000+ last night!) Seeing that SPI has been selling for as high as 2.95 hive ranges, I built a bigger base of tokens at 2.05 and then 1000 @ 2.10; 1000 more at 2.15, etc.

1875 S double Eagle reverse.jpg

When CRYPTO as a whole goes UP, SPI goes UP. When HIVE Goes UP, SPI goes up. When HIVE goes DOWN, SPI goes up in terms of Hive Value, and the remainder is STABLE or Rises. @silverstackeruk is quite the planner, He and the Club are backstopping the prices at 95% of ACTUAL VALUE, meaning you can go and ask for that price ANY TIME. Once the exchange sale loses 'steem' ( 😹😹😹 ) I will then decide how much of the remainder to present to the club for cash out. SSUK has assured me that we can complete this in about a half an hour. Of course this means he needs to be online but I know his schedule pretty well by now. Someone performing this in the off hours can probably expect a payout (imo) in about 24 hours give or take, as that is the time frame given for buying and selling in normal terms and conditions.

I have been VERY Pleased with the performance of SPI and as stated above, will remain a 'majority voter' in the club. I have some other things in my sights, and I was planning this for later down the road but the Steem Divorce put so much extra coin in our accounts that I decided to take some of the profits. The Club handled that very well, our collective powerdown really paid off. We bought (or were buying) Tether, BTC and Hive Power and leased it out.

All in all, this has performed better than advertised, SPI is now available for reasonable prices on the exchange, the longer you wait the higher the prices go but if ANYONE wants to make an offer on a bulk amount, contact me and we will talk.


underground#7534 on discord

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Smart move @underground, I just did the same...Just pulling a few cards off the table.
Any smart investor will do this!😀

Catch it on the highs, in fact, hive has been dropping while the overall market is rising, the shift to DEFI will hurt the blogosphere for a while. SMT's are never gonna happen, or if they do I predict a huge Yawner, no major impact. SPI is one of the FEW (very few!) Hive Engine tokens to be worth anything. It will continue to grow, but I predict a slower pace for hive... Fortunately SSUK is way ahead of he curve. I'm just hoping to catch the next big wave before all the big growth is gone. This is all just play money anyway, but if I can add to my stack sooner or later from this, it's a major win!


I think you are spot on target @underground, this might be the last big wave Profits!😀


I have like 5 SPI tokens.

plenty for Sale :o

Upvoted because of the pretty gold coin. I still have my tiny stake in SPI.

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That's a hell of a lot of SPI tokens. Wish I had that kind of cash floating around to grab tokens lol someday!

None of us did this all at once, SPI has been around for just over a year and we all started small. Fix your thinking, and you too can have a nice stash of coins! Whether it be Silver (awesome time to buy!) Gold, or Cryptos, start small and keep at it! I've used that principle a lot in my life, BTW