All French So Called Journalists are the Enemies of Mankind - they have to be hunted, found and killed for us to survive.

in informationwar •  8 days ago 

1.7 BILLIONS Dosis of Hydrocholorcine in 70+ years. Never a word or problem.

that's the first reason to want them dead.

But now think carefully, have you heard anyone of them ever speak about Zinc?

did you?

Meanwhile they are super happy to push RNA induced genetic modification on your cells...

What do you have to conclude?

that they have chosen, themselves, over you, your children and loved one.

As such they have to be hunted, found and killed.

they are the domestic enemies. the collaborators with the enemies.

yes they are.

as anyone of them ever said, take zinc, vit.c? never.

they even said garlic was bad for you...

you understand what it means?

they want to genocide you, your family and take everything you have to make it theirs.

meanwhile, if you listened to infowars and alex jones, there was the cuban jew explaining a long time ago (january I guess) zpack+hcl+zinc... voila done.

I hope that across all suburbs of france, one day, this will be understood, and that across all places of france, all journalists will hunted, found and killed.

and if you side with them, you will only die with them.

war /on

ps : this is valid for american journalists too... (they want to kill you to have bigger mansion)

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