Fighting a counter insurgency on Conus : the neo-bolshevick attempte coup

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  • the al-cia-dah similarities
    it's interesting to note that it's the same model of governance, aka the ruling / financing overlord aren't on the street... look at alexander and george sorros or bill and hillary or the obamas...

  • the divide antifa / blm groud forces

  1. antifa : neo bolshevick unified ground forces, aka the bernie brohs or young white disfranchised men. For me the best idea to remove them from the claws of the neo bolshevicks is JOBs. the problem is that they don't understand the impact of illegal immigration on entry level jobs and equally qualified jobs (from coding to what ever) > when a billion indians can destroy any domestic job market, or lower entry / no qualification jobs, they still push for their open borders shit. for this maga / bring back mfgs / economic growth / trump agenda is perfect. the thing is that certain corporation abuses totally (meat, amazone etc) which seek to lower to destitution wages... they can, bring new migrants...

  2. blm, that's the lose constellation (from nation of islam to mlk to what ever you can imagine) : for me here the issue is to END POLICE IMMUNITY.

  • it's impossible to end police brutality but easy IMMUNITY afterward...

and for me that's super important. to end the pervasive immunity. the thing is that it's always from the top, aka arrest ghislaine, fight for the cops murdered investigating her gang, otherwise immunity trickles down. that's mainly the fault of the FBI. If already the FBI provide immunity to the clinton gangs, the epstein gangs and co, how can a serious law enforcement agency and then state and county be imagined?

  • the american police cars are very friendly and good looking
    so sad to see such nice automobile burned down, I hope that one day it will not happen.

  • forced vaccination
    please don't let yourselve fall on the neo bolshevick divide plan, freedom liberty, personal choice, my body my choice.

  • plants of the creation
    it's so important and part of the same line of reasoning and logic than abortion rights, rights to chose medication / vaccination aka oppose too, and plants of the creation. the goal is to focus police force, aka law enforcement, to REAL CRIME, aka when a breach of free will happen mostly and others very annoying crimes (littering, noise pollutions etc etc etc, aka interference in QoL).

  • project bikinis coast to coast
    was mostly centered until now on assuring the safety of any woman to travel from coast to coast in a bikini without any sexual assault, aka being free in conus. However this program hit a very hard wall on the epstein situation. none the less I hope that it can be expanded to safe in her personal assets and those shop along the way, aka an anti looters / thieves etc.

  • billionaires / celebrities gain from the bikini projects.
    one of the aspect not mentionned enough is that too this bikini project should permit to give peace to those people and their children, I mean if you can't walk outside without being harrassed from fans to paparazzis to kidnappers and co, it's not okay. the bikinis project means too to resolve this issue.

  • finally, as I don't want to wait 5 mins, some heros of the protests

  • the cop who took the stolen long rifle from the looted burned police car... applauze, it's the level of the tank in irak ! frankly, impressed. fast, precise, determined action that really changed the situation.

  • savanah ernandez from infowars... he has a glasses, or he looks for them, when all cowarded like shit, she stood her ground and won. courage has no size, nor birth determined chromosome ! award.

  • the homeless in dallas with the mattella ! him and his hated buddy, clearly need to be the first in the real coming resolve of this homelessness. impressive applause, i hope help and "teaching to fish" will come.

  • the other homeless in dallas with his hat, when fear is gone ! it would be really nice if a more appeased, respectful and loving situation could evolve to solve their problems, of course, I bet there is some narcotics or highly addictive psychoactive involved behind, but again they are grown up enough to drink / what ever as long as the pricing of those product is competitive, aka legit market. addiction isn't a crime.

  • is it trump birthday? who knows, when the corpse of ghislaine and her allies and clients are decomposing, party time it will be, until then the war rages on :).

  • the neo bolshevicks
    so to rewind the main concept is to remove the ground forces from the neo bolshevicks overlords. to do that fixing the issues of those people. to remove any grip that the neo bolshevicks could use to pull down the entire western civilization, like they did in russia in the past.

  • on a global stage the neo bolshevicks are DOOMED

  1. they can't defeat israel, specially because most of the ruling / nomenklatura of the bolshevick insurgency is of the jewish tribe, they are the most easily defeated by others jews. when their program is to silence anyone, on anything they don't agree with, loot anything they can to make it theirs, and impose their views and projects (aka for them all) they find a wide society opposing them who CAN'T BE TREATED OF ANTISEMITISM of WHAT EVER JEWISHSUPREMACISM.
    2 Islam, the snakbars will be kept open, high seas or star falls, till the end. the take over of the neobolshevick of mekkah isn't for tomorrow, and good luck to them to cross all the front lines of the great divides (when the mullahs turn to burn the koran... isn't even of dream).
  2. The Chicoms turn apparently on chinazi or more facutally on master of counter trolling :). or the evolutive transitional model continue or it's the Xi era, what ever George sorros will not rule china.
  3. russia? the bleeding and torture of the neo bolshevicks is way to fresh, the concepts used by the neo bolshevicks (infiltration, political and legal and educational take overs, well too known to interfer with those who in a sense developped all the tactics and strategy used), at least we can hope :).
  • finally supporting free speech, and explaining to the neo bolshevicks ground forces how useful it is for them to is paramount. no one in his right mind should want to censor anyone. let them express their ideas, it's just words, pixels, what ever.

  • for no immunity, just laws must exists. it's too easy for the aristocracy to give themselves leeways, which trickle down... until it become unbearable, then to pretend to create the new man, aka the slave conditionned to accept the hereditary rights of this aristocracy... and here we are back to one aspect of the great divide :), of cross cross butterflied... aka sunnis refuse religious rights for the so called descendants, while having sheikdoms (tribal hereditary rule, not religious based) while the other side has mullahs (hereditary shit show) while having imperial practical rules (at least in theory :D).

  • fbi / antifa
    the fbi wanted the antifa flagged a long time ago, however I am curious as george sorros and alexander are foreign based, does it makes it a foreign terrorist organization? none the less the economical issue

  • cops pay.
    I find sad that cops have to work side gig (or not have to) but yeah, I think a male cop salary should be good, aka at least a family of 4 + education + health shit cost + vacation + retirement, on a single salary, it's after all a very dangerous job, and need a good mental space to make it well. but I don't know us based salaries.

again end immunity for the aristocrats and those protecting them. fair laws. understanding. and no to violence (including forced vaccination).

A well regulated market is the best antidote to the madness of the bolshevicks.

regulated : aka just laws that frame what is legal to sell and buy on it (no to slaves, no gmo cross polination and mutation, plants of the earth legal) etc.

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