Human Immune System Has a 99.74% Success Rate Against Covid-19

in informationwar •  11 days ago  (edited)

When predatory capitalism meets medical tyranny...

There are real reasons to be very worried.

Specially, when the death rate from the vaccines will exceed the one of the Covid-19.1 or 2.

After all it's "just" a bioweapon carrier system.

Nothing fancy, just hyper contagious but an unarmed bioweapon (at least it appears yet in v1 or v2).

It's funny too, how the treasonous and war criminal main stream medias don't ask about the origin (the patents, specially, the insertion points, the design itself, the fact that no animals get it (ie more prone to the human body, contrary to pig flue or bird flue).

I guess one day, it's or they defeat us and execute their silent and uninformed genocide, or they get killed as enemy combatants.

But why do you think censoring tech has joined the medical tyranny? they want to depopulate too? or they are way to involved in pedogate? who knows...

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